180 Degree Metabolism: 2011 Edition

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Kicking the New Year off right, I’ve added an additional 20% to180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss.  The addendum covers topics such as the role of stress in body fat accumulation, a discussion on types of exercise that encourage fat storage vs. the types that discourage fat storage, and more – including going over what I believe to be some mistakes made in the first version and what I now feel is more accurate.

If you’ve already purchased 180 Degree Metabolism or the full 180 Collectionwhich includes all 180 materials, the link you were sent will take you to the new version, which was updated earlier today.  Send me an e-mail at sacredself@gmail.com if you have misplaced this link and I’ll get it to you within a day or two (I’m traveling the rest of the day today).

To purchase 180 Metabolism, go HERE and get the book along with the 6-hourweight loss audio seminar that accompanies it – by itself or as part of the full 180 Collection which includes all 180DegreeHealth materials (180 Degree Digestion, 180 Degree Diabetes, 180 Kitchen, 180 Degree Metabolism, the audio seminar, and the back issues of the 180DegreeHealth Report).

Simply put, there is no better collection of health information materials on earth for establishing the right relationship with food, health, and healthy practices that you may be looking for as you get ready to set those dreadful “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Happy New Year everyone.  May we all have a wonderful year full of fulfilling experiences – supported by a relaxed, enjoyable, and low maintenance attitude towards food and a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Matt,

    For those of us who have read this puppy from cover to cover before, can you zero in on where the changes are? Or are they sprinkled throughout?

    And how do I know which version I am looking at? I want to make sure.


    Anyone who came here via link or Google,

    This book is awesome. Best money I ever spent. Five stars.

  2. @ Brock – Page 147

    @ Matt – Thanks! Just read it while eating a huge bowl of potatoes. I'm super excited you're gonna write more on exercise. :D

    Oh yeah, and although I've never even read a romance novel, that part was hilarious. Totally loled. For two minutes.

  3. The links I have are bad then. My link to the original 180 still gets the original, and the link I have to the revised only has 146 pages.

  4. Hey Matt,

    I like the addendum. I've heard the DeMartini Method mentioned multiple times- can you give me a specific place where I can go to to learn the Method? I keep pokign around tryign to find a practical guide to it, but can't seem to find it. Any recommendations?

  5. Wow Matt, you been working really hard. Got my link dug up and reading p.147 onwards now…. Some good stuff.

    180 e-book along with the audio seminars are probably the best thing any dieter or person who has messed up their health in the pursuit of health could find. Look forward to what we have coming in 2011.

    I started my 180 journey back in Feb last year and the transformation has been remarkable, I have had ups and downs but I have pretty much fixed my metabolism. And while my adrenals are still healing life is good. Thanks Matt!

  6. What did you have to do to fix it chris?

  7. Killer.

    I've long lamented the lack of exercise information (until recently) that's on par with everything you give us on nutrition.

    Pointing out the central role of stress as the cause of metabolic syndrome is both simple and accurate, and should keep the calorie-counters fumbling and stuttering a good while longer.

    But I'd definitely disagree that your previous diet suggestions were a "mistake." Although learning to acquire and prepare healthy food as well as ensuring no chronic caloric restriction are the most crucial tools anyone has to improve overall health and body composition, many of your suggestions are at least worth experimenting with, as long as they don't turn you into the lame guy at the party who won't lighten up and eat anything.

  8. @ Anonymous – I basically followed the advice in 180Metabolism. Ate the food and kept O6 down, lots of resistant starch helped also. As did metabolic style training a few times a week (under 30 minutes)

  9. Yeah, the latest version is exactly the same as the older one, I just added 24 new pages starting at 147. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.


    I'll email you about it. The best place to start is to read his book The Breakthrough Experience. I hesitate a little to recommend it because his writing is really subpar to how he presents the premise in person, but for a $1,000 for a weekend, that's unaccessible to most. I'm also trying to get set up with a Demartini Method Facilitator that can work on that end alongside of ol' 180D. Let you know when that becomes official, if it does.

  10. Now that my brain is no longer addled by diet obsession, I figured it out. For anyone who is still confused, the link to the latest 180DM is in an email about the second version, not the original version. Uh, if I'm right that this is the third version…

  11. Weird. When I use Google Chrome I get the old version. When I use Firefox I got the new version. Maybe Chrome was loading an old version from my cache?

    Anyway, it works now. Looking forward to reading it.

  12. ugh "The Breakthrough Experience" I'm skimming through the material available on amazon… nothing new there and terribly cheesy motivational talk… seems like more big promises and little value.

  13. Hey Matt,
    I have one of those DeMartini books. I have "Inspired Destiny" though, not "The Breakthrough Experience". I haven't picked it up in a while because of my perception that it was cheesy. I noticed the DeMartini name on the cover and was wondering if it was the same guy you were referring to. Thanks for clearing that up.

  14. Like I said, Demartini presents himself somewhere between cheddar and provolone in books, videos, interviews, one liners etc. His writing is a terrible representation of what he actually does unfortunately.

    I've read a few of his books and was really disappointed, wondering if it was the same guy I met in person.

    Unfortunately just reading one of his books will not make anyone "get it," and more likely will have the opposite effect.

    I guess I'll have to be the interpreter. I assure you that the Demartini Method specifically is far from being the same old sh#t.

  15. Hey guys I am back and pushing my protein is the key idea again. :) If Sylvester Stallone says that just increasing his protein intake made huge gains in his ability to get leaner and more muscular at same time then its got to be true.Joking aside there was a diet guru in past who would put people on his high protein diets(300gms average)and every single person would get super ripped.When I asked him one day why his diet worked so well and if its the protein being high he said that yes its the protein due to its diuretic effect.I felt it was a lie at the time and of course he pushed very low carb with huge 120gm sugar drinks right after a workout to further widen the confusion.He would take your weight…write you out a diet…wait a week and then a second…and finally fine tune the diet so that weightloss was 1 to 1.5 pounds per week.

    More on protein….I have in past posted about the video from the BBC where in they did many tests and came to the conclusion that the Atkins diet works,even when the participants are allowed to eat all the fatty high calorie meats they desired,due to the fact that higher protein intake causes a much higher satiety level than high carb or fat does and the participants actually just ate less on Atkins.Its so strong that in my experience I can drop down to 1000cal from 2500(high carb)by eating a large amount of protein and have no appetite whatsoever **and** I am nowhere near ketosis…meaning its not really needed to experience proteins high satiety inducement.

    I know that this site is geared more toward a metabolism bump from high carb and the leptin/thyroid etc combination that comes from it from the high calorie intake HED diet but I started wondering if protein is a major factor in the bump of these hormones even at low calorie levels so that the metabolism still hums along even when eating low calorie.

    I would always wonder why Native peoples who subsisted mainly on game seemed to gravitate to a very high fat/low protein diet.And would get angry that somewhere along the way we all started thinking this is how we must eat since our early ancestors ate this way also.There were people who opposed the idea that maybe this reduction of protein to favor fat is wrong with the strong argument of rabbit starvation.I would post back that maybe rabbit starvation only happens when you are very lean since there is no fat to fuel the body since food intake is lean meat only and bodyfat is very low.

    Basically its possible that over time the ancients came to conclusion that when they ate high protein/lower fat they became very lean.This is not good for a harsh world where you must hunt everyday to survive.

    Back to leptin and thyroid.From this site and also from kyle Mcdonald's site carbs are touted as the main increase of these important hormones.

    So to make this long paragraph easy to understand…..is it possible that just upping protein can allow the metabolism to stay elevated when under reduced calorie consumption?

    Here are two quick studies that popped up when I googled

    Leptin and protein intake

    Thyroid and protein intake

  16. I believe it's the opposite Wolfy – as in hunger suppression on low-carb comes from having a lower metabolism, while adding more carbs causes increased hunger.

    Natives didn't want to be lean because it's not healthy to be lean. They didn't want to have no sex drive, be freezing cold, and die from infectious illness. That's never been confused until the modern era, when it is probably more dangerous to be lean than ever due to the increased toxic burden of our environment.

  17. Wolf,
    Matt is right, and I have noted the same thing as well. High carb diets increase the metabolism which increases hunger, libido, and energy. Low carb diets decrease the metabolism which decreases these basic human drives, no hunger, no libido, no energy.

    Since it seems we agree on this subject, can you elaborate a little more on your view of the importance of strong hunger drive in relation to metabolism. It seems many of your followers have a lot of fear tied to hunger.

  18. I'm thinking when using the word "lean", people should be more specific. 10% for a man is lean but 5% is really lean. I really doubt that reaching 9%-10% could have any negative side effects and it is almost effortless to maintain.

  19. JT-

    That's what I've tried to do in the addendum. I'll mention this more in the future as well.


    Fair enough, and yes I did mean, "really lean." But what two people can maintain in terms of body fat and level of health is totally relative. You can be 100 pounds overweight and be suffering from getting too lean at 50 pounds overweight, or you can have a total 6-pack with no negative signs whatsoever. It depends on the person, and the strategy employed to lose fat (yours – weight training with a high-carb diet composed of quality, nutitious, unrefined starches and no conscious effort at calorie restriction is certainly "the right way").

  20. While carbs are great for many they are not optimal for all IMO.I never fully adapt and stay hypo the whole time I try a good quality high carb plan.So my advice then is for people who go the LC way I guess.

    If you Google Leptin and carbohydrate you get studies that show benefit of that macronutrient also.I am just pointing out that protein,I feel,is a forgotten player in this metabolism "pyramid".Its like a forgotten part where its either high fat or high carb but never high protein.

    Just wanna add that I have had sex 6 times today and my GF loves the new find.Then again I am like this on a severe hangover also.A few beers and nothing but if I wake up from a heavy night I am like a teenager.I am also sitting here with an annoying heat feeling in my body and no hunger but instead a kinda sick feeling in my gut.I ate a few eggs with bacon and a slice of bread….a dbl quarter pounder with half the bun…and a chicken thigh sauteed with some strings beans and have no hunger.

    While I agree low calorie will lower metabolism over time,maybe I wonder,if a higher protein intake offsets this by upping the two main hormones Leptin and Thyroid.

    Matt,I agree as to the reason why Natives wanted to stay fat.But you missed my point.I mentioned them and how they ate in that it never made sense to me that they would throw away alot of the lean to gorge more on the fat….why waste it when it also taste good and provided excess calories.Could be they found that high lean intake caused high metabolism and very low hunger…..leptin and thyroid running at optimal?Just a thought…….

    They also most likely looked at fatness as being sexually attractive as we do….not many like ripped muscle and bone.

  21. Damnit, where do you guys keep finding women that actually have a sex drive?

    I like Linda Bacon's summary:

    p. 86
    “For all the hoopla around the high-protein diet craze, the gurus of this movement had one thing right: Protein is much more effective at filling you up than either carbohydrates or fat. Thus, you tend to eat less at individual meals, supporting quicker weight loss in the short term.

    However, this form of eating has minimal impact on longer-term signals. Eventually – over the course of weeks or months – you’re driven to take in more calories – or spend fewer calories – than if your diet were composed of nutrients like low-glycemic starches and monounsaturated fats that activate satiety signals. For this reason, high-protein diets are unsustainable – and the real problem comes when you stop the diet.”

  22. My GF is insatiable and annoying when my sex drive is low making me feel like less of a man….happens alot sadly.Also my GF is in her prime at 40 sexually.

    Why is protein so filling though?Is it just a mechanism where the body senses it has met its amino acid quota for the day or is it signaling some hormones that regulate hunger or both?Could it be that a better way to eat would be equal parts protein to starch and just varying that ratio to control weight with no measuring anything?

  23. I mean truthfully…while I look in the mirror and see a lean body coming on I will admit I feel revved and kinda uncomfortable.It could just be lack of ketosis but I know from past it is not.I get super lean like this just cutting my calories and sometimes not eating due to no hunger at all.Lean meat from an evolution stand point correlates with harsh times so….

    Dang another thing I am noticing is my brain is sharp right now.Where the heck is this vocabulary coming from in an 8th grade dropout…LOL Today I told a fellow worker that I lived a life of debonair debauchery……wtf?

  24. Wolf,
    Most of our ancestor did not eat super high protein diets. This is a paleo myth.

    The reason protein feels so filling is because your body can only consume so much before you get sick. Too much protein without fat or carbs is toxic to your body, so of course your body will try to stop you from killing yourself by making you feel full.

    Having equal parts lean protein and starch is an easy way to transition and keep the blood sugar and energy levels stable. It is how I transitioned into a high carb diet and got lean. If you have severe hypoglycemia from moderate unprocessed carb intake then sometheing is wrong and you should get checked out by a medical professional.

  25. Riles and Matt,

    I am the same as you guys. If i stick to a natural high carb diet I stay fairly lean (10-12%) effortlessly without having to restrict intake at all. I would only need to watch the calories if I wanted to get super lean. But, different people have different degrees of leanness that are natural to them. I have friends that are ripped and lean eating pure junkfood diets.

  26. Wolf,
    I would like to add that it take more to digest protein and your body is going to want to take it's time without overloading. this is apparent when you consider the thermic effect of eating it. Eating a 3 lb steak is pretty demanding digestive process.

    as far as the all meat diet, I don't know which natives you might be talking about, but in all of the groups I have experience with that stayed pretty close to their traditional ways, all go out of their way to gather tubers, wild rice and other non meat things because honestly speaking the all meat diet kinda sucks.

    we even have a word for the all-meatards its "bark eater" because you are destined to fail in the wilderness with that strategy. Eventually you run out of game in the area without carbs and end up digging for worms in bark as a last ditch effort. The only exception is the tundra where you have no choice and that is a pretty boring all meat diet without the msg and stuff you have in typical mcdonald's chicken nuggets.

  27. Chief,
    When are you gonna gives us the link to your blog with your post describing your method?

    I'm just really curious cause I've read all of your comments since you first joined us at 180 and besides knowing a few snippets of your process: IF with a 3 hour window, major staples being corn, beans and squash, not stressing out about anything, short HIT. I really don't see how it works to stay healthy, high temperature and lean while eating at buffet (restaurant foods usually = high pufas and other junk). But I'm opened minded so that's why I'm excited to read your blog.


    thank you for your excitement

    stress is probably 50 % of it easily and buffet can be home cooked or even a health food restaurant which I'll spend whatever it takes turning it into a buffet.
    its almost always short but not necessarily H.I.T. I do do a little of that I just feel most people waste their time in the gym and would most likely get the majority of the benefits with alot less time.

    as far as buffet i merely mean it as eating from a widest variety possible to your true full appetite. if i happen to accidently snag a little pufas in my quest for nourishment i turn to rule number 1 …
    Don't stress out because ultimately it is a much bigger factor than the 8 grams of pufas.
    I eat at buffets and i find alot of veggies and home cooked-ish foods im picky in that sense but not in terms of quantity. BTW you forgot to mention i can lose weight eating buffet style :)

    if you did read every comment you would have noticed in the last posting i believe a day or 2 ago I said I would post up a link within a week if nothing major gets in the way. Im fixing up my whole blog( still moving data from alot of sites i had on another server) and laying out a concise summary and also as I hate deadlines if I'm late 24-48 hours i wont trip out … i love you rule number 1 lol
    I have actually been putting crazy hours with my techies getting everything set for 2011

    and I decided to wait to start my fat loss protocol until i can find a bod pod i saw in a british documentary to test my body fat.

    I have to be in detroit on friday so I think i can scoot to windsor to get it done then. Cant wait too long i have to be in good shape in march

  29. With Primal Diet and RRARFing I have gained 15kg… I guess I would still be considered lean though… feel so much better, more relaxed, more comfortable, stronger etc. But I got to say, I know a number of Asian people who are super lean, or you could even say skinny who have high energy but are also relaxed at the same time. I know one girl like that who can drink lotsa alcohol with little effect somehow. I guess that just confirms what Matt said.

  30. Lots of things to make me go hmmmm, today. None of it about Matt's new edition of course. Sorry, haven't had time to look at the new info yet. Just can't leave well enough alone, but a girlfriend who wants to have sex six times a day and is still making you feel inadequate is either 1) made up out of various male fantasies or 2) a complete jerk, whom you should dump. (Although possibly you might want to give her Matt's phone number.)

  31. Yeah, she sounds like a real keeper.

    Six times a day isn't a healthy sex drive, it's obsessive. Unless you only met last week, in which case: enjoy it while it lasts!!

    Oh and keep things lubed or you'll chafe yourself something terrible.

  32. LMAO,yes she is unique.She had her first kid at age 12 and was sexually active at 11.She claims it was the wilderness where she grew up and that there was nothing else to do in such a small town but have sex.Does it make her a bad person…no way at all.She is the mother of all her friends type where everyone comes to when in a jam.She is also very muscular with a total tomboy physique and is nicknamed muscles by some friends but she is very feminine at same time.Why do I mention that….well I believe her manly sex drive is due to having more testosterone than a normal female.And its not like we have sex 6 times per day every single day.I sometimes do not for a few days to a week just not feeling it and we have been together for 5 yrs.LOL to the lube issue. ;)

    Back to diet…high protein is superb for getting lean IMO due to its appetite suppression and its abundance of amino acids to prevent muscle loss on low calorie.I look way better already in all ways.But for people that process carbs fine then maybe just a good bump in their lean protein intake would show same benefit of lowered food intake.Anyone remember Mark Walhberg when he was young and had a superb physique?He said that he would eat a can of tuna or a chicken breast when ever he got hungry and that was it.I feel that extreme and lean meats is fine…plus I am eating a small bit of carbs per meal also.


    I,ll be honest again and say that the carbs just feed my candida to where I poop in terrible fashion.Its just not a normal everyday thing instead just when it has to and thats not good.If I could get the benefit of high carb without the candida/IBS issues I would probably stick to that since I LOVE starch!!And I mentioned before that my father is a carboholic eating no sugar cept for a banana a day and gorges on rice/potatoes/high fiber cereal with low amounts of lean protein and skim milk….and is in his 80's and drinks booze everynight….though he is a very responsible drinker in that two or three drinks and cuts it there.

  33. All this sexy talk is making me hungry.
    I think Wolf actually is a Wolf. Like the furry kind. :)

  34. One stupid thing I did over the holidaze was watch an entire season of Without Reservations in one sitting. Here are some excerpts you all may appreciate:

    "High fat, high carb, high protein…that's my diet. Well, plus coffee and cigarettes."

    "The French have held onto something of their food traditions as well as their necks"

    On how the French eat lots of parts of the animal we would never look twice at: "While the rich were gorging themselves on filet mignon stuffed lobsters the poor were planning revolution over steaming pots of economy cuts."

    "That's my idea of a plate. A cutting board with a gutter for the blood around it."

    On the French paradox: "The English speaking world is afraid that taking too much pleasure in food might lead to harder stuff. Like enjoying sex. The French seem to be ok with the idea of food leading to sex."

    On French knowing when the bread is finished baking, "I never know the schedule at my local bakery. But these people. They're like crackheads. They have an uncanny ability to start lining up at the right time to time their purchase with whatever is hot out of the oven."

    On going to the gym "These places fill me with fear and loathing. The only reason I'll go into one is of course to eat." Proceeds to eat five bowls of "bodybuilding soup" at cafe and leave without doing any exercise.

    On Icelandic people enjoying long, healthy lives despite dismal climate and only 4 hours of daylight in the winter, "They don't sit inside under sunlamps guzzling fish oil. They spend a lot of time outside. They invented hot tubbing."

  35. Superb compilation Nipper. We can always count on you.

  36. I have more, Matt, but I ran out of space. Pretty much I think you can add "Anthony Bourdain" to the list of Matt Stone's secret identities.

  37. yes, this all explains your proclaimed New Year's Resolutions as well.

    Bourdain is pretty heroic in many ways. To really make 180D 180 degrees I'm eventually going to have to take up smoking.

  38. He quit smoking, so you're good to go! Not for health, but because his wife recently had a baby and he could no longer smoke in the home. And since you can't smoke anywhere else, he figured he might as well give it up.

  39. Hey Matt

    You do not have to take up smoking these days for nicotine.

    Just trickle dose with a 15 mg patch.

    Alternatively a nice cigar – not inhaled – couple times a week like Michael Miles!

  40. I've tried to smoke tobacco many, many times to fit in, be cool, have something to do in noisy bars and in Ireland, for self-defense against the second hand smoke. I've always failed. I just hate it. I hate the way it tastes, and especially the way it makes me feel like hurling about ten minutes after I inhale for which I can thank a play ground dare gone badly wrong in fourth grade.

    And smoking cigars is like letting off a huge fart in public. The only men allowed to do it are my grandpa, RIP, and Columbo, fictional and Castro. So basically if you are not El Presidente and you are smoking a stogie, you look like a wannabe, poseur bag o' douche.

    I think I could get into those hookah things they have in the middle eastern restarants around here. Never see any women doing that, though….

  41. I formulated that resolution before the Bourdain-a thon. I just wanted to have one that I could carry on past February, for once.

  42. I have a hookah. I love it. It's very relaxing. I smoke both shisha (tobacco) and the herbal stuff, too. And even the tobacco doesn't appear to be particularly addictive. I can smoke one day and then leave it for a month, no problem. I think it would be a good thing to wean someone OFF chemical-laden cigarettes, actually.

  43. Annabelle,

    Hawaiin Libertarian had a post[1] about the addicitive nature (or lack thereof) of tobacco recently. He didn't post anything about hookah's, but he did mention how:

    1. Native Americans never got addicted to tobacco like modern Americans do, and

    2. Smokers who switched to the sole brand of cigarettes without any additives weaned themselves off smoking effortlessly after about three months.

    So, once again, the natural product used by native cultures is just fine, and modern American processing is what kills you. I see a pattern here …

    [1] http://hawaiianlibertarian.blogspot.com/2010/12/red-pill-reality-dispelling-blue-pill.html


    Poseur bag au douche Lol u always are worth reading

    Brock, annabelle
    one thing to add, the tobacco we use still to this day is quite different than modern cigarette tobacco … it will get you buzzed like a doobie

  45. CHIEF,

    Is there a source for this form of tobacco, other than living on a reservation and growing it yourself? I don't smoke, just curious.

  46. Brock,

    if you do not personally have the seeds passed down from family or know some one who has em i do not know of any other way. I doubt something like that will ever be sold.

  47. Well I think one has to consider pollution in today's world, which might well make smoking more harmful. I remember being at this exhibition where you can see the plastinated (?) bodies… They showed lungs and asked what we thought, everyone thought they were a smoker's lungs, but in fact they were the lungs of an urban non-smoker's. Then they showed a smoker's lungs (much worse) and a rural person's lungs (I guess non-smoker, those looked much better.)

  48. hans, I have seen something similar.
    certainly environmental stress affects the ability for the body to bounce back from other stresses such as food or toxins.

  49. Hans,

    Many of those cadavers are from China, which has the worst air pollution in the world. Especially in the cities. So I believe it. I don't think the contrast would be as stark in the West.

  50. About the protein topic…

    High protein diets only cause elevated cortisol levels if you are eating too little carbs. There´s nothing wrong with high protein diets (even at the 3g/kg BW level recommended by Berkhan).

    In fact, they are the superior way of eating in terms of fat loss, diet adherence and muscle retention, as both the empirical and clinical data shows. I have been experimenting lately lowering carbs to 100 grams per day while keeping protein high (3g/kg BW), and I started to show symptoms related to excessive cortisol release (visual fatigue, bags under my eyes, poor sleep and those type of signs that Matt also experienced when following an all-meat diet).

    If you keep protein high and fill the rest with carbs (mainly) and fat, mantaining a slight calorie deficit is effortless IMO. Of course, what works for me and many others may not work for you Matt, but I suspect that people who fail didn´t even try it at all.

    And I also believe that the ones who say that have been following your approach and can´t lose weight are really cheating now and then thus activating reward centers, neglecting the long term satiating power of unrefined foods. But we will never now the truth, of course.

  51. matt – have just read the addendum of this ebook and all I can say is thankyou thankyou thankyou for making this change to the book.
    I have to say that when I first read through all this material I felt tears of relief (was at the time low carbing it, health/weight wise doing well, but was constantly feeling hungry)and so to read this was a god send, however I remember feeling quite deflated when I got to the end of the book and realised there were diets!! I was quite astounded actually, but read through all the material and at first found it very confusing, but then did check out each one, but luckily did not try any.
    so very glad you have said what you said about all that cycling and feeding windows stuff – you are right, tis for the obsessive, and could not be bothered with any of it.
    However – have to say – have one more bone to pick…what about the cover with the two flat bellies!! surely still sending the wrong message when you bang on about giving up on trying to find your abs! but i guess this is what gets people in sadly.
    Many thanks for your continued inspired and increasingly spiritual work. One more link for you to check out, not to do with food, but great podcasts to listen too on non-duality and the nature of reality
    Renz ;-)

  52. hey! Feel like I’m eating a TON and temp going no higher than 97.6 & just a sip of H20 (or soda or gatorade — anything but coconut milk) drops it back down to 96.


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