180 Metabolism Weight Loss Audio Seminar

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Howdy eatin’ fools!  I have just released a 6-part, 6-hour weight loss audio seminar to accompany the 180 Degree Metabolism eBook as well as the full, 180 Collection that includes all four 180 eBooks, the back issues of the 180DegreeHealth Report, and now the 180 Metabolism Weight Loss Audio Seminar.

The price of the audio seminar as a stand-alone product is $29.95.  However, if you have already purchased 180 Degree Metabolism by itself at $19.95 or the 180 Collection for $39.95, you can use a discount code to receive this new audio program for $19.95 instead of the full price.  Going by the honor system here (and yes, I could check if I really felt like it and subsequently pop a cap in you), the discount code for that $10 savings for prior purchasers is:


So add the Audio Seminar to your shopping cart, enter “180rules” press “Update Cart” and you should see the 10 bucks come off of the price.  Send me an email at sacredself@gmail.com if you have any issues.   

As always, if you have already purchased a 180 eBook by itself other than 180 Degree Metabolism, you can use the discount code “abab” as in “already bought a book” to apply that earlier purchase towards the full 180 Collection, which, like I said, now includes this really fun and interesting audio seminar.

Go HERE to begin downloading this audio series now.

Below is a teaser about the audio series as well as a sample of the type of content covered in one of the modules on Carbohydrates and the Low-Carb Diet Myths.  Note, the audio series is just audio, and is not narrated like the following video.  They are in MP3 file format for listening on your computer or ipod…

Click the following link to learn more about each module in the 180 Metabolism Weight Loss Audio Seminar…



  1. What a great idea!

  2. Sounds good, Matt. But I'm curious: is there new or different information than what's in the 180 Metabolism book or is this pretty much covering the same territory?

  3. There's a lot of new stuff, especially on cortisol being the key player in most cases of weight gain and the diverse reasons for why it may be elevated.

    I also cover some of the recent topics over the past few months on exercise, the role of neurotransmitters in metabolic disease, and so on.

  4. Hey!
    Do I get a bonus or at least a cyber high five for being one of the first to buy the Metobolism set??
    much love
    deb the hag xo

  5. Good stuff, Matt. I think I'll have to get myself a copy…

  6. Matt…

    I am SO impressed with this. This is better than your books. I know you have to have fun in order to get through writing, but, you know, they often lean a little too much towards stand-up comedy. That audio sample, on the other hand, was as direct and to the point as you could possibly get (probably also thanks to sitting with these ideas long enough to fully digest them). There's no way people can not have time for a quick smack-down like that, and you're making it as easy as possible to REMEMBER these few important points in case they are in danger of getting suckered again.

    The only problem is, I'm forced more and more to be taking your word for these claims. Perhaps this is in fact the best method you can operate by, as you concentrate your efforts on reading as much as you possibly can, and then telling us the most important points. I suppose that's fine for reaching the masses (for those who trust you anyways). But, what an impact you could make in the scientific community if only you were to submit a paper with these points, only each one would refer to the source you got them from, and include specific data. I don't understand how that would be any less valid than what professional researchers do. In fact, your method is obviously superior. Professional researchers are too caught up in academia and funding to strike out on their own and investigate a wide variety of resources as you have. How do they expect to make big-picture assertions when they do not look at the big picture first?

    Low carb is on the upswing in professional academia. There hasn't been a greater time of need for these points to be spread than now.

    While I'm writing, I should also say I was really excited for you to be discussing circadian rhythms a while back. Just so you know, there are probably people like me, who are here but have never had a weight problem. I've been thin, too thin really, my whole life. But I have terrible fatigue problems and I sleep lousy. I made it my mission to study health a few years ago, and naturally I got sucked into the whole weight loss debate, even though it didn't necessarily pertain to me, because it's the subject that is most readily called for in this society, and the results are the most easy to see. So I think it's probably best that you, too, focus on this issue, as a successful treatment would be easy to test, and would surely be the quickest way to fame and prestige. But, I also long for the days when your inhuman enthusiasm for learning might be applied towards other health issues– seemingly simple questions such as "what is giving me a headache" and "why is my sleep cycle so messed up". To be honest, I can't heal myself with food… and it would be silly to think that every problem out there can be solved with food. I personally think toxins are a bigger issue in our world.

    But anyways, I don't want to distract you with that now, because man, you are on a roll. I just wish you could make more of an effort to impact the "official" world– you know, the one that is giving the people all the wrong ideas to begin with, and hurting countless patients with drugs based on misinformation. With the information you have, it just seems like it would be easy. I'd offer to do it myself if I weren't so personally unmotivated!

    But, the least I can do is support you financially. So, yes, I'm making a public display of buying your audio seminar at full price, even though the information isn't really that pertinent to me (and I'm already a 180 lifetime member). It's not much, but I'm telling EVERYONE reading this: Guys, we need to support Matt Stone. He is a one-of-a-kind, and our society is lucky to have him. Thank you, and godspeed, Matt! (And by that I mean, godspeed at the reasonable and comfortable pace that suits you best, of course.) :)

  7. In fact, that video is so effective, I really hope that you make more free soundbytes in visual youtube form. They can be spread easily from person to person, posting them directly in blogs and emails. In fact, this one in particular– title it "Why the Low Carb Diet Theory is Wrong (in 6 minutes)". And instead of the ad for your audio seminar up front, put it at the end of your video. I think you will gain a LOT of fame very shortly.

  8. Support Matt Stone!
    Free the Low Carbers, raw and cooked vegans, malnourished brainwashed lowfat masses, the HFCS Caffiene guzzling children, the fast food guinea pigs.
    Let Them Eat FOOD!!!!

    hee hee that was fun <3

  9. JARED,

    well written thoughts and this is not an attack by any means but I disagree about the whole "official route"

    i personally don't even see any validity in touting papers around to prove anything weather it is a university degree or being published in a medical journal doesn't mean someone knows what they are talking bout.

    Im actually arguing right now with my publisher about putting references in my book because 1) Im lazy lol ..,.. 2) its a waste of paper putting all that in (I like trees) and 3 a lot of things i have seen first hand like w. a. price style cant be taken at any more than face value. people just use it to pick a part your shit and try to prove their retarded theories they refuse to let go of.

    i think getting results is a clear indication of this stuff working and it says way more.

    In your case i think the fat stuff applies to you a lot more than you may realize.
    I do agree toxins are a problem but in the same light some foods can kick toxins in the nuts!

  10. MATT

    in thinking bout the results make a difference proof in the pudding thing! , lets do a version of the biggest losers where we take fat people to buffets and play weird al's " eat it" ! and yell at them to eat more! while they laugh. exercise can be putting the dust cover on the treadmill for month one ….I wonder if nbc would take us ?

    i didn't actually watch the video i think i watched it somewhere in cyber space..( man you got some youtube haters too btw) ill support you in person with green backs as I no " hablo visa" even though I don't "need" it persay either..

  11. Thanks amigos.

    Yeah, I'm not certain the published paper route is for me. The people who need good information are always more heavily influenced by one individual that is speaking to them directly – like a Dr. Atkins, than they are a research scientist, which is precisely why I studied writing in school and not a science.

    I would like to create powerpoint snippets like this one and circulate them on youtube. I've been planning that for a while and have been having fun with these little presentations. The audio programs are not nearly as concise as the powerpoint snippet above unfortunately. False advertising, lol!


    You think like I think. Mainstream media is the way to have an impact in the minds of the masses. Jillian Michaels has more power to influence the general public than Gary Taubes or Dean Ornish.


    You were first, and you are, without question, #1 in many ways.

  12. Oh now you did it, I am smiling!
    even though I gained an INCH on my waist this week.. I think I need to back off the butter perhaps :)

  13. DEB, dont be hatin" butter
    it ain't the macronutrients fault wont change a thing anyway unless perhaps its a 90 % butter ratio???
    the inch is a good sign in my eyes.

    unfortunately those with power … tend to be a dumbass.. and mainstream followers tend to hate geeks " cuz they talk all faggy and stuff " according to the movie Idiocracy.

  14. Chief-
    now that was a funny movie. "they talk all faggy and stuff."

    hey, which foods kick toxins in the nuts?

  15. Danyelle,

    depends on the toxin. but for instance certain vitamins are need for proper liver function which is a toxin remover.

    distilled water can help clear things out in a damaged system as well and people often forget water is a food.
    helps you pee all kinds of dirties out :)

    In my opinion justing eating in unrestricted amounts helps kick em in the nuts after all stress can be toxic and food repairs physical stress.

  16. Hey Chief Thanks for the love on my inch.. my temps are about the same but now, they are steady 98 degrees three days running.. could be some mid 98's in my future!
    I figured out where I strayed off the HED RRARF path.. we have been trying drinking kombucha.. yeah, added that in, coconut water too.. I think I am drinking too of my calories.. and maybe some fructose in the mix.

    So I am going to just water for now.. and just eating the potatoes, eggs, fish and buttery greens and veg.


  17. young cococunt :) water is good post workout .. lots of electrolytes "its got what plants crave" !

    but yea drinking calories cuts down on the bulk that helps digest and promote the whole endeavor.

  18. @Chief: Coconut water's electrolytes rock. It puts plain water to shame (you know, the stuff that comes out of the toilet!).

    @Matt: I must be one of your only fans who hasn't forked up the cash for your e-books… until today. You finally got me with the audio files. I bought the whole nine yards. I know, I'm such a sucker.

    But seriously, I've been listening all morning (while cleaning my poor neglected house) and these are just plain awesome. Great for getting my perspective back where it needs to be.

  19. What could be the reason for my temperature to drop during the day? It's almost perfect in the morning but then later on, it drops? Shouldn't it get higher when you move around, digesting and stuff?? ;-P

  20. Excellent, Always coming up with something to flip stuff 180…. Will be buying these audio's sometime this weekend.

    I agree with making your own YouTube shorts though, taking on this bad boy http://youtu.be/uCFZoqmKf5M should be first priority….. Maybe Eat the Food in a nutshell lol

  21. shiela .. if its not major drops .. your circadian rhythm normally fluctuates the temperature a little during the day and at night . normally they are the highest in the evening.slight variation might be insignificant.
    this rhythm patern is why its a good idea comparing day to day using a baseline in the morning.

    It's the chronically low temps you need to worry about really.

  22. ELIZIBETH you know it !

  23. Mr. Matt Stone Esquire,
    I have decided to honor your genius and post about your stellar Spicy Shrimp dish and gush about you on my blog. Please visit http:www.grassfedmomma.blogspot.com
    to see what all the fussin is about.

  24. CHIEF-

    Thanks! Well my temperature has been pretty constant on 36,5 degrees Celsius, in the morning and is always 36 in the evening. It's only half degree drop but it's constantly lower at night and higher in the morning? Why is that? I'm thinking I could be eating something which causes the drop?

    Now Chief listen: It's shEIla not shIEla LOL -sorry but when you have listened to all kinds of different interpretations of your name (my grandma spells it different every Christmas) all your life, you eventually become The little annoying policeman. LOL!

  25. Matt Stone=JT=CHIEF=Jared Bond, and possibly grass fed momma. The rest are suspects, besides Elizabeth Walling of course. Liz, wanna burn me a copy of the mp3's and send em to me?

  26. Great information, Matt. You are an intelligent guy. Dr. Linda Bacon points this out too, that insulin can be your best friend when it comes to weight loss.

    There are many insulin myths out there.

  27. Awesome deal! Definitely gonna check it out.

  28. Are you accusing me of being Matt Stone? Wow, that is some crazy ass shit.
    Nope, I am a real live woman, living the 180 degree health protocol.
    Thanks for the compliment Pony Boy.
    PS No fair trying to get the audio for free, bad Pony!

  29. @Pony Boy: I am deeply shocked and offended that you do not consider me one of Matt Stone's alter-egos. I am just as crazy as he is and almost as pretty.

    Sorry, you have to fork up the cash for the audio just like I did. (But at least I can tell you it was worth it!)

  30. Elizabeth: You are a bit prettier than Matt.. not sure about the level of crazy :)

    Ponies have to pay just like us humans do!

  31. ..sheila,
    people often spell chief cheif on me ..oh well ..lol

    pony boy ..i am chief chief = me …. "stay golden pony boy "

  32. Hi Matt,

    Do you think it's possible to get used to digesting milk again? Just like it gets easier to digest fruits if you just eat them for a while? Can this happen with casein allergies too?
    Lisa :)

  33. @Lisa: I think in some cases it's possible to overcome dairy intolerance in that way. People have certainly done it with the milk diet. But I imagine it varies on an individual level.

  34. Lisa E: I would suggest trying a small amount of minimally pasteurized milk, at room temp, sipping it very slowly, taking time to combine the saliva in your mouth with the milk. That method does wonders for milk digestion.

    With all the news about the price of corn driving up the price of beef this year, eating grass fed beef may make more sense than ever. Also it was a big year for hay producers in this part of the world so maybe we'll see some ranchers kicking it old school. That would be nice.

  35. @Matt – Just finished the series (will go listen to a few parts again!) Came away feeling less overwhelmed than I expected. This was a great encapsulation of your work over the last year. Really helped me to think constructively. I also appreciated the "steak and cheesecake" rule. ;-)

    @Lisa E. – pasturized milk (yogurt, whey protein, &cottage cheese, too) made me react. Raw milk (and products made from it, even yogurt) does not. That might be one thing to investigate.

  36. Hey thanks you all.
    Jennythenipper: It's a good idea to try to sip it more slowly and mix it in my mouth. I've not done that. Will try it. Raw milk is so yummy and healthy it would be great for me to be able to tolerate it.

    I'm finding it difficult to loose weight. as soon as I try it I get super hungry, and my body temperature takes a nose dive. I should probably get Matt's new thing but I don't like audio seminars. Is it available in book form?

  37. Hey gang
    got a nice 98.2 this am, maybe it was the huge yam with easy salad and bits of goat cheese I had for dinner..
    I really hope I
    a)stop gaining belly weight/any more weight
    b) get my temps up a tiny bit higher
    c) stop feeling out of sorts/crabby/antsy because of no hard exercise.

    ok, that's my wish list.

  38. I've been lurking for a while and spending way too much time here while procrastinating at work.

    Thank you for your site and resources like the audio presentations, they are really helpful for me as I figure out where to go next on my health and nutrition journey.

    I'm coming off of 10 years on the McDougall diet (gotta love those carbs!). I started searching for more answers after reading Good Calories Bad Calories in September. Gary Taubes seemed to be advocating a low carb diet, and I have good friends that are doing very well with the paleo diet. I started searching and found your site through one of your comments at Summer Tomato.

    Over the years, I have read different authors that support the McDougall style diet – Campbell and Barnard and I even attended one of McD's weekend study seminars. I'm well versed in their reasons for advocating low-fat, vegan eating.

    I don't mind having some cognitive dissonance, and learning that McDougall may not be the best way for me to lose over 100 pounds was freeing because during 10 years on McD, I gained 80 pounds. I could never stay on the diet long term and when I slipped off (still ate vegetarian), weight came back very quickly "with friends" as you say. I always craved more fat – with 7-9% fat in the diet, I never added fat to anything, and often felt deprived. I blamed myself for gaining weight because I didn't have enough discipline to "eat right" for the long term. If nothing else, I'm ready to stop blaming myself for something that I have no conscious control over and to work with my body instead of fighting it all the time.

    My temps are bouncing from
    97.1 to 98.1 – depending on my cycle, but mainly in the mid-97's. This is using an oral basal temp thermometer rather than taking underarm temps, so I have some work to do.

    I'm not having any issues reincorporating dairy into my diet, my partner is an artisanal cheese maker, so even while on McD, I'd still eat cheese and have cream in my coffee. It's the meat that's tough. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years. I don't like the taste of most meat, although my guilty secret is that I love good bacon and steak. I thought I'd just make sure to eat plenty of legumes and quinoa, with an occasional serving of bacon and steak and can get my protein that way. (Any advice on this is welcome.) I'm loving adding fats to my diet! Who knew? Adding fat takes away sugar cravings.

    I'm looking forward to seeing where this new adventure takes me, thanks for providing a map!

  39. Debbie, you totally sum it up for me too. I also hope I stop gaining belly weight, get my temps up more, and start feeling better. It's so hard to not be able to exercise. I still don't feel that I'm well/strong enough to fully exercise. I can make it to class one week but not the next kind of thing. It's a challenge. I just feel so overweight and out of shape. It's not what we're used to thinking of as the path to health. I believe in it though. It's amazing to see how the blood glucose levels have improved and my body temperature has risen a whole degree and stayed there for the last few months (so long as I keep overeating that is…). I guess I still didn't push my weight set point high enough and still need to eat a lot.

    Denise, welcome, it sounds like you've had quite a journey already. I also went from vegetarian to meat eating a few years back and found it to be extremely difficult at first. I ate small portions in the beginning. I wish I had stuck to that cause now I've got issues with uric acid. Anyways, I think eggs might be an easier way to start, and also with the things you do crave, like nitrate and sugar free bacon for example, or a small part of a steak.

  40. Lisa, Thanks for the comment and advice. I think I'll stick with small, occasional portions of protein for the long term. I actually like my veggie/unrefined carb diet these days. Adding fat and a small amount of animal protein/dairy is making all the difference.

    I'm using nitrate/sugar free bacon from our natural foods store. Any steak and eggs will come from a friend – a local farmer raising organic, grass-fed, free range animals down the road. They're out of bacon until February.

    I'm lucky to live in a small community that's focused on local, sustainable ag, which makes keeping away from industrial ag products pretty easy.

  41. @Denise: Welcome! I just wanted to say it sounds like you are approaching this the right way. The worst thing to do is hop from one bandwagon to another (I think many of us here have experience with that–myself included!). This is probably an excellent time to pay close attention to your body and its signals. And it sounds like you're doing that spot on.

  42. ..and the lowest temp ever this am at 97.7
    hmmmm. that after two weeks of feeling really just uncomfortable and like Mrs. Santa Claus..hmmmm

  43. Denise-


    "Adding fat reduces sugar cravings."

    Ain't that the truth.

    Yeah, the McDougall diet is totally unrealistic for the average person. Fat burning is totally suppressed with that quantity of carbs too, so when you add fat back in you get fat, real fast, until lipolytic enzymes can be reactivated. Good luck. I find the best medicine for being vegetarian for too long is to be really un-vegetarian for a while, if you know what I mean.


    Intolerances can definitely be overcome. I wish I knew the secrets to how they can be overcome more consistently, but they can and do happen. Just had someone report to me this week of overcoming gluten issues and IBS for example.


    Your body temps. were solid coming into this. That's not really the issue. I wish you had a glucose meter to see if your blood sugars are coming down. I do think maintaining blood sugar within a tight range would be a huge benefit to you, and eating "High everything" can certainly achieve that.

    But I wouldn't recommend being dependent on exercise for weight maintenance, good mood, or otherwise. Let me know how it goes though. I don't want you chunking up too much.

  44. Hi It's me, the chunky hag.. oh god, what a combo platter that is :0
    Ok, I finally got the test strips.. got to read the instructions on the glucose meter. I really am starting to think that the reason I am such an 'easy gainer' is the pause, and too much estrogen in relation to the others. I mean, not to get too personal, but my boobs feel Enourmous.. just huge for me.. and I am so uncomfortable.. ugh.
    Add that to my even expanding square looking waistline and I will be your great granny any day now.
    Give granny some .. not sugar!..love?
    Could dairy be causing some of this?? I mean, the dairy I use is mostly raw and grass fed, but those mother cows and their magical calf growing milk.. pulling at straws I guess.

    Later, the little fat lady from Pasadena

  45. The "pause" and weight gain and cancer and all kinds of good stuff are highly interrelated – like my kinfolk. Did I mention I have, like an aunt or something named "Cheryl Ray." Yeah. Inbred for sure.

  46. Ok, after a few too many holes in my finger I did get a reading of 106 on my BG meter.
    This was around 2 1/2 hours after eating a small roasted yukon potato with say 1 tsp of butter, bit of salt and a smallish, say 2oz chunk of roasted chicken.

    I will test in the am to get a fasting.. but I feel like this is too high?
    fuck, all I need is to add diabetes to my lovely list of maladies.
    Makes me wish I had listened to my mom and also that I did not drink and party so much all those years.
    Oh well, hindsight is .. useless.
    xo deb

  47. LISA E

    I am trying to understand a few things you said and if you could clarify I would appreciate it.

    to quote you

    ….."I'm finding it difficult to loose weight. as soon as I try it I get super hungry, and my body temperature takes a nose dive"…..

    I am wondering what method for losing weight that you refer to as "try" ?

    The described scenario in the above quote sounds more like starvation to me. starvation=enhanced fat gaining so that would be counter productive.

    you also mentioned pushing your weight set point..
    what did you mean by that " pushing it " how are you pushing it? why would you want to ?

    I assume you mean you are doing something to raise it. Set points are raised by starvation/dieting and the gained weight is really just "filling in the blanks" to meet the previously raised point that was elevated by chronic physical, mental or dietary stress…. The only reason there was not as much fat before is the calories were restricted and the body had less building material but required more to satisfy the gap.

  48. Denise..

    I guess even though I am new since i got a "walk on role" in the weird al post i can say WELCOME too lol

    koodos on letting go of the blame

    as for tips on the meat eating.

    you might try putting into stews n things in small amounts that wont make it "tasted " as much say for instance finely minced ground meat mixed into beans in a burrito. and when all else fails add more fat …lol

    i should really start selling some of my stuff if you tasted my pemicans n things you just might give up on bacon 4 life :) it'll be your new crack

  49. HEY Matt,

    what's your take on why fat helps with sugar cravings?
    I have a theory that the brain recognizes the sugar flavor as energy and when the fat delivers the energy that "sticks around " and makes the energy less of a priority to obtain.

  50. Hi Matt,
    seems Robb Wolff doesn't appreciate Your work/opinion on overfeeding and body temperature.
    Check out his podcast n. 48.
    Good or bad the importance is they talk about it.
    Have a nice day

  51. Hi Chief, thanks for reaching out. I really appreciate it cause I feel so frustrated right now with my big fat belly….I feel ashamed of my body and no one gets it of the people around me….They just see me getting fat and they seem to think I've got a weak will power now or something. It sucks….I've never in my life been overweight before and I really don't like it one bit….

    I think you're right though. My method causes a starvation response.

    My method of trying to loose weight is to eat only a medium size meal that fills me up to fullness three times per day. But then I get hungry about one hour later and I simply can't cook every hour of the day. lol. I don't really have any good snacks that work (they never fill me up and don't let me stay full for any amount of time) so then I just end up going hungry for a while until I can cook. I really do best when I eat one super huge meal three times per day. But I'm really sick of being this overweight. It's not funny anymore. I also am feeling too low energy to exercise right now.

    So essentially, my method of loosing weight has been to reduce meal portions and that has not worked.
    The only good news is that it seem my weight gain has finally reached it's high at a 20 pound weight increase. But I'm beginning to feel like I don't care about body temperature anymore. It's dreadful to be this fat and to feel this low in energy.

    By pushing my weight point up I might have misunderstood that whole concept, but I meant by totally overeating. That pushes it up doesn't it?

  52. I meant to say about weight set point that I thought that overeating pushed it up but it seems it's the opposite. Sorry by bad. You explained it very well in your post.

  53. Just got back from the oncologist office. For those who don't know me, I go twice a year for blood tests to monitor my CLL. Chronic Lymphyctic Leukemia.
    The white cells go bananas and take over the world.. in a nutshell that is CLL.
    White count is about the same. Here's where it gets odd:
    Bodyweight: THE SAME as Six Months ago! I thought it was going to be like five lbs more.. I do think I have gained a few due to RRARF, so I was probably down a few before I started..but this is very very good news!
    Temp: They clocked me at 96.2, so low.. but the SAME as six months ago.. hmmm…yet my pit temps are always 97.7-98.3?
    Blood pressure: same
    Pulse: 64 vs 79 six months ago

    Now, on a not so great note, I am taking my blood glucose readings.. seems my blood sugars are a tad high. I sent Matt a FB message with all the details.. and need to test right now to get a 2 hr post meal reading.

    Ok gang, hang in there!

  54. Lisa-

    That's a tough one.

    I don't know what else to say other than to realize that you have spent the better part of your adult life suffering from serious health problems, including digestive problems, have been underweight, etc.

    Your body has a long history of being starved and experiencing chronic stress and inflammation – all of which will make the body want to store fat when there is an opportunity to do so.

    So it no surprise that your body has built this belly, whereas in others this often doesn't happen at all.

    You might try a short fast of 24-36 hours to see if you can flip your fat burning switches back on. This starts to reactivate fat burning enzymes, kills appetite, and so forth.

    That's one idea, but my gut always tells me to keep eating well, resting up, and try to relax – not letting that fat gain be in vain.

  55. Chief, I'd totally by some pemican if you sold it. I am too lazy to make my own.

    Lisa, the weight gain sucks. I hear ya. About once a week, I start fantasizing about dieting again. I have to kick myself to be reminded that that was exactly how I got here. Right now I'm doing the Gabriel method. I'm not doing the stupid fish oil or probiotics part, just listening to the tapes, doing the visualization and concentrating on being well nourished. If nothing else it helps me deal psychologically with being overweight. He says that you honestly have to get to the point where you'll never diet again. Where you just don't care if you stay this weight forever. I'm not quite there yet. But I'm working on it.

  56. Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome.

    Matt- that explanation of the lipolytic enzymes is interesting. It sure squares with my experience, time and time again. And I thought it was my fault, my bad for not being able to stick with a diet where I was losing at least 3 pounds a week. Shouldn't that be enough motivation? Who knew it was seriously messing with my metabolism? The message was that eating that way was the holy grail.

    Chief – I'm with Jenny, I'd buy pemican too.

    Jenny – I'm also using the Gabriel Method Book and CD. I'm finding them useful in terms of dealing with emotional and weight issues.

    My body is demanding a lot of food right now, something along the lines of, "Feed me, I'm starving!" Every two hours, almost on the dot. I feel like I should start bringing a cooler of food to work with me. I need to get some more potatoes, I've finished off the five I started with on Monday.

    Time to go eat some more…

  57. Hey thanks you all for your support. It's great to know that you understand and that I'm not alone.

    Matt, thanks, you're so right that it will likely take my body a longer time to get out of this since I've struggled so much for so many years.

    I might try a short fruit fast soon. I also do agree that it makes sense to keep eating well, resting up and trying to relax. It's just so hard to accept this weight. My Achilles heal is that I have so much stress in my life from all internal stressors I've got going on. That's always going to cause cortisol levels to be high for me. Before that caused adrenal damage and metabolic damage, but that was invisible. This weight is definitely not. If I wasn't so opposed to drugs I'd take valium to calm myself down….lol….

    Yes, I can relate to the temptation of dieting and having to talk myself out of it too. It's SOOOO easy for me to loose weight. I know exactly how to do it. But to do it without also loosing body temperature….that's impossible for me right now….so I feel stuck for sure. And yes, there is no way that I can accept being at this weight forever, that's not a chance. It's so uncomfortable, and disgusting looking. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I can barely bend down to pick something up from the ground with this big belly in the way….I admire people who can be at such peace with themselves and have such self compassion and self love. I need a dose of that for sure…..

  58. @Jenny: I am in the same place right now. I've been doing some really interesting reading and I think fully accepting this extra weight might play a key role in losing it, as Gabriel says. Linda Bacon has a lot of interesting things to say about accepting your weight, as well.

    In fact, I haven't stepped on the scale since last Friday and I may never step on it again. This coming from a former daily (even twice a day) weigher.

  59. Elizabeth, you have it, right on.

    I would however like to change the way it is phrased though.

    It's not accepting it you don't have to accept it but accept that you cant change it consciously even if people look for tricks they only trick themselves into thinking they had an effect when it does leave.
    thats not to say you can speed it up this requires lifestyle changes most people are not prepared to make.

    A great deal of it, is letting go of it. In the sense that it does not matter . it will leave on its own and letting go will avoid having the stress that comes with holding on to it. the fact you stress or worry about it is a self fulfilling prophecy. which i think is the idea you were expressing.

    great job on forgetting bout the scale. I cant stress it enough.

  60. PEMICAN : justaskchief.. at gmail dot. com

    hit me up
    ill put you on a mailing list when Im ready to ship
    ill work on getting pemican ready for shipping as soon as I am home. next few days

  61. Lisa,

    Although I agree with matt, it takes a while for an abused body to bounce back. it is not impossible.

    He suggested fasting. it is important to understand that
    it is critical the fasting not be used as a calorie reducing technique. THere are many benefits from fasting that over time help with fat loss it is crucial to make up for the lost calories by allowing for extra calories when you break your fast.
    unless you deal with the heavy stress you mentioned everything you do in regards to weight loss will be band aid solution at best. keep in mind how you decide to handle the stress effects its outcome.

    I would not recommend fasting until everything else is working well including "energy" levels. it will most likely slow the process.

    judging by some of how you describe living you are very much still in a healing phase in my opinion.
    the energy will come back once things become stable.

  62. @Chief: Yes, you hit the nail on the head there. That's exactly what I was trying to say. The way you put it was awesome.

  63. THanks … I meant to say Can't and not can… lol

    to clarify the process can be sped up, only it's difficult for some to make the lifestyle changes.

  64. Regular colon cleansing helps to remove this undigested waste as well as the hardened fecal mater that is blocking the passageway of the colon. Waste can pass quickly and efficiently through the system, preventing or alleviating the development of constipation symptoms.

  65. Remember that most of the weight lost during an intensive exercise session is fluid, not fat. The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently; dehydration slows down the fat-burning process.

  66. Losing weight can reduce your risk of health problems if you’re overweight. Carrying extra weight is linked to many health conditions, and it can shorten your life.

  67. Those who are obese are at risk for a wide variety of health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. By losing even a small portion of weight, these individuals will cut down on these risks exponentially.

  68. I really need to get that dvd. I am so sure that it is the answer for my weight loss. I can't wait for that to happen.


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