Fermented Cod Liver Oil… Bad Reaction?

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    Hey, guys. I have a question: I was wondering if anyone has ever had a NEGATIVE experience ingesting the Green Pasture’s FCLO (I’m taking the Cinnamon tingle butter oil blend)? Recently, I have started feeling like my blood pressure has been very low… but my heart has been racing, I’ve been getting itchy, I have vomited a few times, I’ve had migraine headaches, which I’d never experienced in my life and I have had trouble breathing. This cleared up during a vacation period where I forgot to take the FCLO. I pretty much thought that anything else other than the FCLO/BO was the culprit. I had also been taking a teaspoon, so decided to cut that in half. A little while ago, I took a half teaspoon (as I just have this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t have to give it up). Very quickly, my hands/cheeks began to itch and I became wheezy. :/ I’m sure this product is wonderful for most people, but I am thinking it’s just not for me… has anyone discovered that they are affected negatively by it? Could it just be the cinnamon blend? There is a part of me that really feels like I’m ‘supposed’ the be taking this (I hope that makes sense); I want to believe all of the fantastic health claims. I suppose I feel a bit discouraged if this is, in fact, making me ill! Have any of you had a negative reaction when taking this? I still kind of feel like, “Can’t be the god-send that is FCLO, right…?” :/ Hmmph.


    The Real Amy

    Boogins, this sounds like a classic allergic reaction to me. People can have an allergic reaction to even the healthiest of foods. You could always try another flavor if you want to see if it’s the cinnamon, but I definitely would not take the stuff you have anymore, and proceed with caution if you try another type. The good news is, even the WAPF would say you don’t need to take CLO to be healthy. There are alternatives.



    Thanks so much for your response, Amy. Much appreciated. Prior to taking the cinnamon one, I was taking the chocolate flavoured one. Honestly, I cannot remember if it really affected me, as I was incredibly sick at the time (viral infection/bell’s palsy paired with the inability to sleep, etc) anyways (and had those symptoms most of the time). I have been going crazy thinking that it’s everything else that I’m doing; I just never for one moment thought it could be this ‘perfect, sacred food’. Granted, I know so many have positive experiences with it. I don’t know if I even want to try it again; I don’t think it is worth the potential of becoming so ill again/spending that sort of money without the assurance that it won’t make me sick.

    I have eaten raw beef liver in the past as well and it makes my heart race. :/ Hmmmm. Thank you so much again for your response! :)


    The Real Amy

    Boogins, it may be the liver that’s the problem then if raw beef liver does the same. It sounds weird, but something in liver (I think it’s the high levels of vit. A but not really sure) can have some weird anti-thyroid effects if your metabolism is not up to par. Another member on here mentioned that he has to eat liver with a lot of coconut oil in order to not have issues. When I was taking CLO a few years ago in a poor metabolic state, my hair started falling out. I am actually taking a small amount of CLO/BO now (just the 2 capsules recommended on the container, not the amounts the WAPF recommends) and have only noticed positive effects, but I am in a much better metabolic state now.


    Matt Stone

    Cod liver oil is not a perfect food. Omega 3 can be extremely toxic in high amounts (it’s extremely immunosuppressive, amongst other qualities), so can the abnormally large doses of the vitamins in cod liver oil. Here is a well-referenced article that might get you thinking a little more sanely about the highly unstable oils found in cod liver and fish oils.




    Thanks, Matt. I’m going to check that out. I have taken Cod Liver Oil in the past (immediately prior to starting my dose with the FCLO), from Nordic Naturals. I had actually felt better during the winter and was just pretty spritely. I certainly hadn’t noticed any negative effects. But then I started hearing about the FCLO and just ‘had’ to get it; I’d been told that the Nordic Naturals was heavily processed and was an inferior product, etc, etc. So for WEEKS I have been off my rocker, feeling like I should go to the hospital, crying, etc. Like I said, beef liver seems to do the same thing to me! Almost instantly, I get bad nausea and my heart starts racing. Of course though, “These are super foods. The culprit must be something else”, is what I’d heard/been fed. ALSO, as I was sold (without actually experiencing any benefit) on the FCLO, I had ordered a face cream made with it as well. I put that on and it makes my heart race and my eyes/lips itch too. :/ Anywho, I have relief from those symptoms today (though the day is young) and I think it’s because I have not taken the FCLO. Yikes. :/ (Thank you again, kindly, for your input).



    I get the Omega argument, but I think a lot of WAPF/Paleo peeps here in Seattle take the Green Pasture product during the winter for the Vitamin D.

    What would be a better approach to winter Vit D deficiency? Regular old Vit D pills?



    Some random thoughts on this:
    – In Weston A Price’s time, cod liver oil was probably the only practical source of year-round vitamin D for most people in non-tropical climates. I think I remember him writing somewhere that he did *not* recommend constant CLO supplementation, but only as a therapeutic when necessary.
    – 1/2 tsp of CLO a day adds 0.6g of PUFA (according to Cronometer). Is that really significant, if the diet is otherwise low in PUFA?
    – Green Pastures seems to have a monopoly on the CLO market, as far as WAPF recommendations go.
    – Most pro-CLO studies referenced by WAPF were using CLO, not FCLO. How many studies have been done with FCLO? FCLO gives me an obvious burning sensation in my throat, along with mucus buildup, whereas regular CLO does not, so I’d say there are different effects from it.



    Good Ray Peat article! My dog used to have terrible skin infections – we finally took him to a doggy dermatologist who told us it had nothing to do with his diet (but she did recommend fish oil for his skin!) We ignored her fish oil advice (it smells so bad!) and after taking him off foods with fish, grain, chicken & beef (the latter two because of soy & grain feeds and fish because we’d been feeding him foods with salmon in them for years – obviously didn’t help) and we started giving him some coconut oil and carrots. His skin is now clear and his hair is growing back. Fish oil sucks. Forget about it.



    I was thinking about just getting some ‘regular’ CLO (Sonne’s #5 looks to be ‘good’)… but that’s the thing; I am wondering if I should just say “F” it to the fish oils in general.



    We to have been taking fclo and want to know whether to continue with it or not. They taste disgusting so maybe that’s my body’s way of telling me not to touch it?
    And yes, what about vitamin A and D?


    The Real Amy

    I think it’s all a personal call based on your body’s reactions. CLO is really a better source of Vit. A than Vit. D anyway. Some people taking CLO have found that they are still deficient and take an additional Vit. D supplement or just get sun. You can get vit. A from regular liver instead if you prefer, as well as other foods.

    I would personally decide based on how your body reacts. I’ve been taking 2 capsules of the CLO-butter oil blend lately, and have seen positive effects so I plan to continue for now. Keep in mind that the WAPF recommended levels are also very high – much higher than what is recommended on the bottle. I have a feeling that may be part of the issue some people have.



    I find I get more and more confused the more I read :( Recently two of my daughters had severe cavities in their molars. The dentist said he would have to extract the teeth. He gave them a temporary filling but said I had to come back for the extractions. So I started pushing the fclo and butter oil everyday. When we went back the dentist changed his mind and said the teeth looked somewhat better and that we could just fill it. I tried this protocol as I read about it through WAPF. So it really seems like it worked. Both the teeth are not completely healed and still have some decay in them and the dentist wants us to monitor the teeth. So I want to keep going with the protocol to try and save the teeth. But then I read this and it’s all so confusing. What would you recommend, just pulling them out??? Hate reading anything anymore coz now I just immediately disbelieve it!!!!!!!!



    I also had a bad reaction to the Green Pastures FCLO. I took it for a couple months with no symptoms – it was actually giving me more energy and stamina for a while. Then, out of the blue I started feeling really sick. I noticed right after I would take it I would get weird feeling headaches and my face would flush and feel very hot. My heart would race and I would have trouble falling asleep. I also became really irritable, like irrationally irritable and nervous. When I stopped taking it all of my symptoms disappeared.

    I need to find a good brand of vitamin D that is not CLO. I live in Ohio, work in a cubicle and definitely do not get enough sunlight, especially in the winter!



    @ Elocin: if it is working out well for you and for your children, that is wonderful. Just monitor the usage to see that it is beneficial. My initial post was, by no means, to scare people away from fish oil or from CLO/FCLO. I just wanted to bring light to the fact that this costly “best-thing-that-you-can-do-for-yourself” – supplement was poisoning ME (personally) for close to 2 months. Because I chose not to listen to myself (as everyone was saying this could not be the culprit), I felt like a ‘bad girl’ for eating sprouted grains, for eating eggs, for having cream and tea, etc, etc… because it was more ‘likely’ that any of those things were causing such a reaction. I don’t really react negatively to much (I don’t seem to react to any of the common ‘bad guys’ with regards to food), so I just could not wrap my head around the fact that THIS could have been doing THIS to me.

    I hope that you continue to get good results from your use of this product. So many people do. I, unfortunately, just feel like I’m going to expire when I consume it.

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