Buster Martin – Fukitol Spokesman

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One of the objectives for this year was to really make a point to steer folks away from their obsessive focus on diet, and to remember that this is their one chance to live life.  While I’m sure some will watch the following video and assume that Buster’s parents must have eaten grassfed beef liver by the truckload and others will note that Buster doesn’t mention eating any fructose, or dairy products, or PUFA and a bunch of other blah, blah, blah – please try to get more from Buster than that.

Buster likes certain things in life, and he “doesn’t let anything interfere with ME.”  It’s just another reminder that health information and your diet and health practices are to play a supporting role for living life “how you like it,” not take over to the point where you forget what having fun is like.  There’s certainly a distinct possiblity that Buster possesses some health and longevity secrets much more powerful than Jack LaLanne and his “if it tastes good spit it out” slogan and other facets of health fanaticism that don’t sit well with me.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you who is perhaps the fittest and most vibrant living centenarian on the planet, and Troy’s (Half Navajo) new personal hero…



  1. I think I have a new Hero! That man is awesome, her certainly doesn't look his age!

  2. That should say he not her…..can't type today.

  3. Wow, he really doesn't look like he's 100+.

  4. LMAO. That guy is probably just too ornery to die.

  5. Totally. Even satan is terrified of having this guy around. But he'll need a new plumber eventually. Buster's clearly the man for the job.

  6. Not that it matters in the context of this piece, but there is some debate over the authenticity of his age. See web.

  7. Yeah – I doubt he's 100. Plus you're either like that or you're not. Its a mistake to try to pattern your personality after someone else.

  8. I just looked it up anon…..wikipedia says he might only by 97….

  9. What a fun post–and educational, yes, but also 'exception proving the rule.' It's funny, given the recent discussion of genetic ceiling vs. diet and right exercise for hulking up, that he looks and sounds like the most stereotypical cockney curmudgeon, and come to find out, he's French–and maybe Basque!

    So, what gives with the 'moronathon' line, then? Don't they make you stupid? I guess it's like the guy who gave up smoking until he reached 70 and decided that beyond threescore and ten he was on extra time and could do whatever he wanted…

  10. Kind of reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the doctor explains why Mr Burns is still alive in spite of his old age. He uses the analogy that all the diseases are trying to get through a door in order to kill him, but because they are all squeezing through none can get through YouTube Vid……

    Regardless its pretty amazing and shows the true power of a F%&K it mindset.

  11. R.I.P Jack!

    Buster – a true Cockney wideboy! Never afraid of spinning a yarn.

    I can well believe his Basque-ness though, tough gits.

  12. There does seem to be some discrepency about his age but even if he is in his "only" in his 90's he's still quite vivacious. I probably won't be picking up his pint/ fag habit but it definitely convinces me to have some of that fukitol attitude.

  13. So, it's brain chemistry, isn't it.
    When a person is happy, unconflicted, doing things that bring them pleasure and doing work they feel proud of…he probably doesn't even know what the hell a macronutrient is.

    We "the worried well" have a lot to learn from him.

    Remember Frankie Goes to Hollywood? How about
    Matty Say RELAX!! lol

  14. yeh, well, fukitol doesn't seem to be the wonder drug for me. eating a slice of pizza throws my digestion into a tailspin of pain and bloating for a week, no matter what my attitude at the time.

    sorry to be such a debbie downer, it's just the facts.

  15. Matt,

    This guy has his proverbial shit together for sure. Seems to have a lot figured out. He's a great reminder to live life in pursuit of one's individual bliss. Or maybe he's just an alcoholic. Hmmm…

    That being said, I hope you'll follow up this post with an analysis of his parent's diet and his upbringing — I suspect truckloads of grass-fed liver are involved. ;-)

  16. I think I'm going to do a fukitol experiment. One week, eating whatever, whenever, and however much I want– but focusing on intuitive eating (though I'm not going to stop when I'm only 80% full!) It scares the shit out of me but I suppose one week can't do that much damage, right?

    I anticipate lots of chocolate eating. Maybe I should go ahead and fill a pillowcase.

    Wish me luck, and I'll report back :)

  17. Yeah, okay, but we don't hear about the 99% of cases like me where years of fukitol ended up causing so much havoc in the body that one will spend the rest of their lives suffering for it.

  18. Even if he is 20 years younger than he said, he is still doing good. 26 miles in 10 hours. ok. I had a uncle who would walk 20 miles to town on Saturdays when the weather was nice just for the exercise, and then phone for a ride home after a few beers. He would stop and visit with a few other old codgers along the way. He did that until he died at 84 or 85.

    I also had a ancestor whos identity was taken over by his son when he died, and collected a pension (from the Civil was no less) until he was 105, but really only 85. He was a good store teller, as was my grandfather, so I am not really sure of the validity of anything.

  19. Danyelle-

    I bet if Buster felt like that after eating pizza he wouldn't eat it. He mentions not eating dairy. Maybe he doesn't eat dairy because he doesn't like it or it makes him feel like crap. I think there's a fine line between doing something that you like and doing what makes you feel the best and get the most out of life. I think he's identified those things and does them.

    I think you'll find it doesn't kill you, and you'll find out what you really want to eat other than chocolate by the end of the week. I did that for a week with ice cream and found out that ice cream really isn't special. Not for more than 3 days at least.

  20. Hi MATT
    i am currently doing rrarf i am 18 years old and i have a pretty serious acne problem usually a play basketball(not for at least 2 months because the season here is finished and i will start playing again or lifting weitghts for vertical jump in like 1 month after i finish overfeeding )
    and i am not fat but i have some belly i am also very tall 6"5 inches (196 cm) and i think i am still growing alot
    i always used to eat lots of chocolate(unfortunatley this included snikeres ecc) and tryed to restric carb
    but never cuold do it for more than a day(for a very good reason like u explain) alwyas had sweet toot very sweet
    in the first tree days i still had to take some chocolate yesterday because the carving was too high LOL
    do u suggest me to go high startch or go high evrything??
    my temparture in the mroning is 96.5 F
    any sugesstions wuold be appreciated

  21. He doesn't seem like an ornery curmudgeon or codger at all. He's cool, relaxed, and confident. No worries. You can completely change your personality, Taylor. Age does not matter – he's young at heart. Health problems can be overcome, Danyelle. I used to have digestive problems if I would eat stuff like pizza. It's the symptom of a slow metabolism, not a universal effect of eating the food.

  22. LOL ! Awesome post, Matt .

  23. That has to be Lemmy’s real biological father!


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