Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman
I got me a big ol’ marlin on the line this time! A couple years ago the 180DegreeHealth comments were overtaken by talk of this woman that I just “had to” get to know. And that’s Katy Bowman. The commenters felt that she was this beacon of awesomeness similar to the Great One but with all of her focus primarily on the biomechanical and postural origins of illness. They...

Athletes Must Eat Carbs!

I’ve written about it in the past in plain, black and white terms in this article. Activity at a high heart rate requires a lot of carbohydrates for optimal performance. The longer the duration of that activity, the more carbohydrates you need to maintain peak performance. In fact, some research even shows that time to exhaustion doing various activities is perfectly proportional to the...

Should Kids Lift Weights?

Should kids lift weights
Should kids lift weights? Well not by themselves. I think we can go ahead and say that’s a bad idea. Even at 12 I was still going for that last repetition and finding myself in situations like THIS. Not a good time. But don’t you remember years ago that everyone thought you’d be a midget if you so much as looked at a barbell before puberty? Is it true? Like many cultural...
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