Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman
I got me a big ol’ marlin on the line this time! A couple years ago the 180DegreeHealth comments were overtaken by talk of this woman that I just “had to” get to know. And that’s Katy Bowman. The commenters felt that she was this beacon of awesomeness similar to the Great One but with all of her focus primarily on the biomechanical and postural origins of illness. They...

Mineral Interactions

This month, me n’ Doc G talk about mineral ratios and the significance Garrett is finding them to have with real live patients in his personal practice. We discuss interesting interactions between sodium and potassium, calcium and phosphorous, calcium and potassium, calcium and magnesium, zinc and copper, copper and iron, and others. With targeted supplementation and periodic monitoring of...

Stephan Guyenet

Yeah, we talked. It really happened. Matt Stone. Stephan Guyenet. I challenge anyone to find a more interesting and intelligent recorded conversation about  bodyfat regulation, obesity, leptin resistance, and so on anywhere. Listen to it HERE.

The Eating Psychology Summit

Hey, it’s time for another summit hosted by Marc David–The Eating Psychology Summit. For those around in January, you’ll remember my appearance in the event as one of my strongest ever, and I think my talk with Marc in this event came out better than the last. I did quite a bit of storytelling, and Marc and I had such a good time that we plan to continue the conversation over...

Athletes Must Eat Carbs!

I’ve written about it in the past in plain, black and white terms in this article. Activity at a high heart rate requires a lot of carbohydrates for optimal performance. The longer the duration of that activity, the more carbohydrates you need to maintain peak performance. In fact, some research even shows that time to exhaustion doing various activities is perfectly proportional to the...