To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Sarah Pope
I got a chance the other day to converse with Sarah Pope, popular blogger and author also known as “The Healthy Home Economist.” Sarah is a cool lady that I’ve known about for a long time. She has written 67 articles exposing both the overstated effectiveness as well as the underreported dangers of various types of vaccinations–an accumulation of research¬†that dates all...

Vitamin D Side Effects

Haven’t had my mind blown like this in a while, but Dr. Garrett Smith delivered the goods on this simply remarkable episode of the 180DegreeHealth podcast. Many people are making¬†a big mistake by supplementing with vitamin D, not just if, but ESPECIALLY if blood levels of vitamin D are low. Dr. Smith explains why, and talks about the many downsides of trying to force blood levels of...
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