Vitamin D Side Effects

Haven’t had my mind blown like this in a while, but Dr. Garrett Smith delivered the goods on this simply remarkable episode of the 180DegreeHealth podcast. Many people are makingĀ a big mistake by supplementing with vitamin D, not just if, but ESPECIALLY if blood levels of vitamin D are low. Dr. Smith explains why, and talks about the many downsides of trying to force blood levels of...

The Truth About Uric Acid

uric acid myths
Let me tell you how it all began – my strange interest in something called uric acid, that is. I awoke in the middle of the night with a dull pain in the back. I got up, thinking maybe I had to pee or maybe it was just one of those weird things that happens and disappears with a little movement. But nothing seemed to relieve the pain. And as the minutes and then hours went by, the pain...
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