Homegrown Health and Fitness Over Forty

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By Rob Archangel, 180DegreeHealth.com staff writer

Greetings 180D party people- Rob here, writing to give you a heads up about a couple of guest appearances Matt has going on.  One of them is a radio interview with Joni Cox of Homegrown Health Radio, airing today from 3-4pm EST. Tune in to Natural News Radio to listen live or here anytime afterward for the downloadable archived show.

Another is an article for Donovan Baldwin over at Fitness Over Forty.  Piggybacking on the recent topic of metabolic decline as we age, Matt outlines why what we eat does not correspond so tightly to how healthy we are, or what our specific health biomarkers will be. It’s an always useful message for those would would oversimplify the complex relationship between what we eat and what sort of health we experience. Check it out here.


  1. Am I first, or it a short term illusion .

  2. The problem with being first is the bad syntaxe.

  3. Three first post,I am breathless.
    time to read what Matt says..

  4. Being in a hot tube with an iPad in rainy Paris, doesn’t do a miracles for my
    style is the conclusion I arrive after checking my previous writings..
    On second thought Matt’s writing is not his best inspired pain in butt/ I dareya all
    plume either. Quite informative though. Anyone? Or I shall keep on writing from my hot tub
    In rainy Paris till I drown under the weight of my very own horrific style..

    • Il faut pas chercher midi a’ 14h. A+

  5. Hi guys…a little off topic, but does anyone here have any experience with the Min-Col supplement..good or bad? Worth taking??
    Thank you!!

  6. The fitness after forty site seems to be no longer available.



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