Joanne Unleashed

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Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be more sick of hearing me talk after yesterday, here’s another interview conducted a couple of weeks ago that was released on Monday.  It was with Joanne, a fellow health nerd like us, who has truly put together some fantastic and very diverse interviews including Kilmer McCully and Jon Gabriel just to name a couple.  I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but hopefully it came out pretty good.

Listen to our conversation HERE

After signing up for Joanne’s site via her free membership, you’ll be able to access it. 

P.S. – Sorry for my absence in the comments this week.  My sister, oldest niece, and Eat the Food niece are in town, and there’s sand on the beach that needs to be held down.  I will be back full throttle next week, and will be doing a short post tomorrow-ish. 


  1. Matt please let us know if u champed the idea of the best way to do rarrf (to raise body temrature)
    isnt just etaing something like 10000 calories a day with lors of ice cream r chocolate and other nutritions food and protein the faster way ???
    i just wnat to raise this darn temarature and dont care about weight gain i dont want to diet anymore in my life and just live normally LOL

  2. while saying living normally i mean eat what i want when i want(this dosent include pufa because i dont like them in any food beside maybe peanut butter but i can spik that with no problems)
    emphasizing nutritious food but not worry to much about it and get to the point where i can do lots of sport o weight lifting with proper recevory time and stay in an high metabolic state
    and taking care of my dreams passion ecc

  3. Jannis

    As you know so much about Ray Peat's work, could you please detail what you eat on a daily basis?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Mishkam,
    Currently I have no regular meal plan, because I am experimenting a lot. It's a mix of potatos, rice, OJ, fresh fruits, dairy products, gelatine, and a little meat. I am also taking small amounts of thyroid and a halibut liver oil supplement.

  5. Jannis,

    I find that I get acne from dairy products and hives from fruit although I would like to incorporate thees things into my diet. Have you always tolerated these things? Any advice on how to get these unwanted reactions to occur? All the dairy products I consume are grass fed, raw, sometimes pasteurized yet I keep breaking out in acne. All the fruit I eat is organic. Maybe I can boil my fruit.

  6. Thanks for your reply Jannis.

    Sorry, but I have a couple of more questions. Do you use white or brown rice and what type of fruit?

  7. Matt:
    I for one never get tired of hearing you talk. Is it just me? :)

    Have a great time holding the sand down. With your massive muscles it should be pretty easy.

  8. Nope, not just you, me too!

    G'night :)

    Matt, enjoy your time with your peeps!

  9. "Jimmy Moore has more willpower than any human on earth"

  10. Johnny, that is a very true statement. I hope Jimmy does well, I really do.


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