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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that I did a short, silly little article on that was posted earlier this week.  It’s about a nasty virus that’s being spread around like raw butter on sourdough bread at a WAPF conference.  The link below will take you there…

No doubt inspired by Martin Berkhan’s article “Fuckarounditis.”  

Make sure you get vaccinated!!!


  1. Well played, my good man

  2. Funny and so true

  3. spot on, I like to get vaccinated (usually by dropping in on this site) several times a month. Also, loved the previous post too – author Alfie Khon had a big impact on my parenting style. And I think we are doing pretty dam well – my nearly 5 year old has a very healthy relationship with food so far (that is ‘no relationship’ and I hope it stays this way), despite my occasional interfering with statements like, ‘ok we are not going to be eating any wheat today’ and the like…;-)

  4. Dear Matt Stone

    I would be curious if you’d be willing to elaborate upon your apparent distaste for the ferristim virus.Are you saying that the stuff Tim says doesn’t work or that it’s impractical and not conducive to being a “relaxed member of society”.I really couldn’t tell since this post was apparently written while under a acute infection of “goofis-itis”.Something Matt seems to have many recurring bouts of and that I suspect he won’t be recovering from anytime in the foreseeable future.

    • Yes, the stuff Tim talks about is eating disordered, doesn’t work, is overly obsessive, and requires eating bland, low-calorie, sugar-free food 6 days per week. HIT doesn’t work very well at all for the vast majority people. It’s all a load of crap.

  5. Funny, yet so true. I think I got the antibodies against this disease from being obsessed with fat and weight as a kid, now any step in that direction makes me queasy and ill. The gray areas seem to be the only place that don’t make my head explode, so here I stay!

    Great blog.


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