Spotlight on Coconut Oil

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So I’m usually like, “hey, fats are good, eat ‘em suckaz!” This time I wanted to get specific though, because true virgin coconut oil is a powerful substance deserving special attention. Coconut oil’s affect on the body can be so noticeable, particularly for those who have been avoiding fats for many years, that is seems almost druglike. I’d go so far as to say that the only people who wouldn’t notice a dramatic physiological effect from consuming coconut oil are those with a high metabolism, those already eating lots of utilizable fats, or those who have particularly stable blood sugar otherwise. The most noticeable effects are a rise in body temperature, increased energy, and lack of hunger and sugar cravings. Coconut oil has a long litany of other less noticeable benefits as well, from stronger immunity (an understatement) to healthier skin.

Coconut oil is a unique fat, comprised mainly of the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid. These three MCT’s are rarely found in significant quantities in other fats. Coconut oil is the best source of lauric acid, which is a highly protective fat found also in the milkfat of mammals, but in smaller quantities. Lauric acid is known to be produced in mother’s milk for its protective, immune system enhancing properties, and should definitely be consumed abundantly by pregnant and nursing mothers.

MCT’s are unique in how they are metabolized by the body. They are not packaged into lipoproteins but are immediately processed by the liver and converted into usable energy. This energy is significant and sustained, almost like a timed-release caffeine without side effects. MCT’s virtually cannot be stored as excess adipose fat in the body, which is one of several reasons that coconut is considered the ultimate dietary fat for weight loss.

The isolated effect on weight loss, enhanced energy, and immune system strength aside, coconut oil’s most profound effect is its ability to stop and even reverse the degenerative disease process. I call it a process because most degenerative disease, at the core, is a sugar metabolism problem. Excessive weight gain, allergies, lack of energy, depression, irritability, gout, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, and diabetes are all expressions of an endocrine system imbalance – rooted in the oversecretion of insulin in response to refined sugar and alcohol. And although no one has ever proven the “cause” of heart disease for example, the top risk factors for it are well documented as old age, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, family history, and imbalanced cholesterol ratios in that order (many would also make a strong case for undiagnosed hypothyroidism making that list).

All of these imbalances can be traced back to the endocrine system. Even a “hot temper” is associated with heart disease, which from my experience is a virtually unachievable emotional pattern when blood sugar levels are kept stable. Lack of sleep, a low fat diet, yo-yo dieting, excessive exercise, and stress are not root causes of degeneration, but they all exacerbate blood sugar instability. In other words, with stable blood sugar, the physiological effects of stress, lack of sleep, etc. are all tolerable.

After having said that, coconut oil is the absolute ultimate blood sugar stabilizer, especially when used in conjunction with animal protein. Everyone stands something to gain by having more stable blood sugar, from losing weight to eliminating emotional irrationality, which is what makes coconut oil such a powerful substance. The physiological effect that you can feel is that you “don’t get hungry all day.” This is of revolutionary significance for type II diabetics. Coconut oil is of tremendous benefit for those who have accumulated this imbalance. All unadulterated fats help stabilize blood sugar, but coconut oil does it significantly better. This also makes it a powerful tool for overcoming addictions to endocrine-altering substances, sugars(refined and natural), alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants, cigarettes, and the bubonic chronic.

Coconut oil also raises body temperature (through increasing the metabolic rate) significantly. Those with slight hypothyroidism will notice a dramatic decrease in their sensitivity to cold. Again, I’ve got to believe that when it stabilizes blood sugar, more thyroid hormone is secreted, which is the root cause of that effect. Obviously, by stimulating metabolism, bodyfat loss is often effortlessly achieved. This is true Thermogenesis, which is what highly-caffeinated weight loss pills are suggested to induce. In actuality, the caffeine releases glycogen (a stored sugar) from the liver into the bloodstream. Because blood sugar levels are high, this suppresses appetite (for a few weeks until glycogen stores are depleted) and puts you in an irrationally good mood while its diuretic effect causes you to urinate out several pounds of water in your tissues. In other words, “lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks!” Afterwards you are depressed, have no energy, and gain weight faster than ever (cellular rehydration) until you hop back on the pills which have little effect on body fat. Holy Starbucks that’s a good business strategy!

Feel free to use your knowledge of the endocrine system for both personal health and financial investment purposes. Any industry that thrives on American ignorance and addiction is a blue chip baby! Sorry to go off on a tangent, but I’ve personally witnessed tens of thousands of dollars being spent on weight loss pills during my brief stint in the “Health Food” industry.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, coconut oil. Uh, eat a lot of it. Several tablespoons per day is a standard recommendation (1-3 pint jars per month).

How Do I Get That Goodness In Me?

Coconut oil is best in mildly sweet smoothies. Place the jar of coconut oil in warm (not hot) water until it liquefies. Pour 2T in while blender is turning to emulsify. This keeps it from being chunky.

Coconut oil is also decent sucked right off the spoon at mealtime.

Coconut oil is the best, most stable oil on the planet for cooking. Replace vegetable and olive cooking oils with extra virgin coconut oil.

Some people like a tablespoon or two mixed in with warm tea.

Coconut oil can be used as a spread or condiment like butter, and can even be mixed with butter to top cooked meat dishes, toast, vegetables, etc.

*Consume coconut oil and other fats in conjunction with ample protein at mealtime for the best results. Taking it by itself is not nearly as stabilizing and sustaining.

*Continue to eat plenty of other fats from meats, fish, raw whole dairy products, butter, avocado, etc.

Finest Kine

Da’ Kine coconut oil is extra virgin coconut oil from Wilderness Family Naturals, which uses a natural fermentation extraction, and the oil never undergoes heating. Tropical Traditions and Radiant Life also have good quality coconut oils. The best store-bought variety is Jungle Products.

Other Forms of Coconut

It’s not like the oil is good for you, and the other coconut products don’t have the magic. Fresh coconut meat and coconut cream (basically fresh juiced coconut meat) are the best forms of coconut. Canned coconut milk is not ideal, but still excellent. Dried unsweetened coconut is great too and has many uses. Coconut water is a great liquid for hydration and restoring electrolytes. Coconut kefir is a delightful fizzy drink like a ginger ale.

Coconut oil can also be applied topically for:

Sun protection
Skin disorders (psoriasis and eczema)
Healing cuts, blisters, infections, etc.

I know I’ve made coconut sound overly miraculous, but I’ve been repeatedly surprised by people’s instant and noticeable reaction to it. At first I was like, “big whoop, so you’re warmer, have lost a little body fat, and are never hungry anymore.” Now I realize the important significance of those effects, and how it can be touted as such a prominent force against the big ones like Cancer and heart disease. Hey man, it’s not like I’m saying it cures AIDS. It would be neat if it was like, the most effective known substance in the treatment of HIV and AIDS though wouldn’t it?

P.S. – Start slowly (1T at a time) if unaccustomed to consuming a lot of pure oil. A friend of mine had some squirts after getting overly excited about it and eating it like it was a bowl of oatmeal.


  1. HI,
    I would like to share my exp with you all suffering from thyroid.

    I have had SEVERELY low thyroid for nearly two years now , I did NOT want to end up taking Synthroid. When came to know about VCO (Virgin coconut oil ) from my friend, I was so excited to try the Coconut Oil. I took 3 tablespoons a day and within two months, I returned to my physician and she just couldn’t believe that EVERYTHING on my tests was once again normal! She was so enthused that she has prescribed your product to three other thyroid patients since then. Your product took me out of the doom and gloom I suffered for so very long! My muscles have returned to normal… The depression, hoarse voice, swollen face/eyes and all my other symptoms have disappeared! there are many brand available in market you need to choose the right one I have been using MeritVCO. Manufactured by

    Here is what you should see for an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:
    Colourless and crystal clear.
    Light, fresh coconut aroma
    Natural Coconut taste
    Quick absorption
    No oily feel
    Very light viscosity

  2. Ya see now, dat’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Seriously though, no one seems to conceptualize of how eating plentifully, from all of the food groups, and using pivotal fats like butter and coconut oil can improve thyroid function (i.e. — speed up the metabolism).

    What’s nuts, is that eating well, eating nutritiously, eating balanced, and just plain eating a lot (barring it’s not too laden with liquid sugars) raises the metabolic rate. It’s basic human physiology. Yet someone who is overweight is always told to starve themselves of either fats, carbs, or calories. Did we really evolve from apes, or is it the other way around?

    Anyway, thanks for your input.

  3. hi first – great blog :)
    i love VCO. i have been using the nutiva brand. what i noticed was that it did make me warmer at first and then my skin and hair were not as dry. also i am a type 1 diabetic who takes insulin and for a long time my blood sugar has been stable. BUT – for some reason i got tired of VCO and stopped taking it for about 3 weeks!!! and all of a sudden my blood sugar was out of control and i was feeling sluggish and my skin was itching and my hair dry again. today after trying to figure out what in my diet i had changed – i finally realized – the VCO! so i started taking it again and already my blood glucose is better. coconut oil just totally rocks. i have turned my mom onto it also – she has a low functioning thyroid and she can really tell the difference from it too – for the first time in ages her skin isn’t super dry and she looks and feels younger. VCO is no joke! actually, it feels like a miracle. and i have tried other oils – olive oil, sesame oil – but coconut oil works the best for me.

  4. Good commentary. That’s precisely why coconut oil is a “miracle” food. It’s because blood sugar stability is what so many of us are lacking, and blood sugar levels govern us. If we are not close to our baseline, life cannot be lived in the “zone.” And coconut oil, more than any other type of fat, keeps blood sugar levels stable, in particular, keeping the drop from happening. The only glitch is, like you said, it gets old pretty quick!

  5. Hi Matt
    Thank you for your books! I bought the Toadally Primal bundle last week but only read your books today. Hallelujah!
    My partner suffers from gout, horrifically. Yes it’s hereditary and he’s overweight. He on meds which we know causes weight gain. He’s in too much pain to exercise, so he’s in a vicious cycle with no way of getting out.
    3 months ago a physiotherapist recommended a dietician, that guy put him on the Paleo diet. He has lost weight, but this week started getting light headed and he’s after getting a real bad bout
    of flu. Now I’ve found your books.
    I’m the shopper, cook and researcher in the family, so after reading your books, I’ve reintroduced potatoes and oats (last night and today), light headedness and tiredness are gone, in one day.
    Thank you. Xxxx
    Please please please anymore suggestions on controlling/curing George’s gout and weight?
    (He weighs about 20 stone).

    Kind regards
    (Co.Kerry, Ireland)


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