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The Restrictive Eating Disorder Spectrum


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By Gwyneth Olwyn Definition A restrictive eating disorder is best described as the misidentification in the brain of food as a threat. It is a chronic condition and has no cure. However, a successful recovery effort can result in a complete and permanent remission. It is currently defined as mental illness within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness (DSM) and psychiatrists are the only health care professionals tasked with the clinical diagnosis that will be accepted by either private or national health insurance providers. Classification The DSM splits out the restrictive eating disorder spectrum into three main classifications: anorexia nervosa, bulimia and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder [DSM-V]. Binge eating disorder (not a restrictive eating disorder) has been added to the fifth edition of the DSM. I will have… Read more »




By Julia Gumm On April 24th, Penn State student Torri Singer began a petition on to “restrict use of thinspiration language and hashtags circulating the twittersphere.” If you are blessed enough to not know what thinspiration (also known as “thinspo”) is, let me fill you in. Thinspo is an assortment of tips, tricks, diaries and photos all geared to inspire the reader to forgo eating like a normal human being in favor of attaining anorexic-style slimness. Many online thinspiration presences are blatant in their pro-disordered attitudes (known as pro-ana (anorexia) or pro-mia (bulimia) to those in the know). More alarming though, is the thinspiration that poses as reasonable weight loss advice, but is nothing more than an how-to on starvation and image-obsessed behavior. While I applaud the intentions of… Read more »

Low-Intensity Exercise Part III – Lactic Acid and Growth Hormone


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There isn’t a whole lot more that I wanted to say about low-intensity exercise other than for some indivuals, particularly those very sensitive to stress, may fare better keeping intensity level very low.  But I did want to get a few words in about lactic acid and growth hormone, as there is a huge blind infatuation with growth hormone these days. Growth hormone is far from being worthy of blind worship.  Growth hormone is something that surges when the body is subjected to major stresses.  Two of the most major stresses – fasting and high-intensity exercise at or near one’s maximum heart rate, stimulate the most dramatic increase in growth hormone.  Anorexics, for example, have much higher levels of growth hormone, and are even thought to develop resistance to growth hormone similar to what happens… Read more »

The Feedbag Method: How to Beat Food Cravings, Bingeing, and Emotional Eating


Let your kids eat whatever they want

In line with the shift in focus in the new Diet Recovery, I thought it was worthy to post this insightful passage from Geneen Roth’s book, When Food is Love.  It’s about letting kids regulate their own eating, but certainly applies to making the same leap ourselves.  I had posted this in an old blog of mine that no longer exists, and it’s worth the reposting – especially for all the health-conscious moms out there who, despite really wanting the best for their kids, are disheartened by the fact that efforts to get junior to eat healthy have resulted in junior being a ravenous sugar fiend. There is mounting evidence that the more a parent interferes with a child’s eating, the more harm is done.  The human body is fully equipped with a very sophisticated energy-regulating… Read more »

Barbie… The Truth Behind the Beauty



I was perusing the kid aisles at Target today with a 7-year old.  She loves Barbie.  We strolled down the aisle, just the two of us.  She mentioned her love of Barbie.  I asked her if she wanted to know a little secret about Barbie.  She said yes.  I told her Barbie makes herself throw up after everything she eats and that her teeth fell out from all the barf acid.  It went way over her head, like most things I say.  I didn’t really say it for her amusement anyway.  There was a decent looking girl within earshot.  But the experience reminded me of all the inside information that I have about Barbie that few others possess.  Today… I tell all. Yes it’s true.  Barbie’s teeth were worn down… Read more »

Anorexia Rehab


Over the weekend I was asked a question about anorexia, and since my thoughts and feelings about the disease are so vast, I saved my reply to this anonymous poster for its very own blog post (note, that is NOT a photo of the person who wrote the following)… “I have had anorexia for 6-7 years now and I need and want out. I have gone from ‘conventional’ treatment where people shove ice cream and subs in your face to LC because it helped me mentally calm down and distress, then to VLC and then ZC then back up the ladder to VLC and LC now. I eat a shitload of protein and fat and slowly and upping my carbs. My blood sugar is shot. My adrenals are shit. My… Read more »