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A Post Nobody Will Read


health and outdoor recreation

By Matt Stone Here we go again. Another one of those boring posts about outdoor recreation and health. If I’ve learned anything from blogging over the years, it’s that most people don’t give a flying rat’s ass about any connections between outdoor recreation and health. I mean, when I posted 10 Health Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors last summer, I sniffed my armpits trying to figure out why everyone immediately scattered the moment it went live. Do I offend? Yep, people want to hear about some magic supplement or diet that will enable them to sit around doing nothing, staring into the electronic devices they are fatally attracted to for endless hours, and avoid adventure and discomfort at all costs. Hell, on my last trip into the outdoors, it snowed… Read more »

The Mind Body Connection


Mind Body Connection

By Julia Gumm “It’s all in your head.” That can be a really devastating thing to hear when you feel sick, especially from a loved one or a physician. After all, how can something you feel so viscerally- chronic pain, migraines, joint aches, even visible skin irritations- be all in your head? These symptoms are all over your body after all, and besides, it’s not like you wake up in the morning saying  “Gee, I wonder how awful I can will my headache to be today! Could I go for a cluster this time?! Let’s hope my liver can handle all the Excedrin I’m gonna hit it with! Go me!” When someone tells you your pain or illness is all in your head, it’s actually pretty insulting. There’s a “just”… Read more »

Why is it Good to Warm Up Before Exercise?


How to do a proper warm up before exercise

By Matt Stone Sometimes powerful and important reminders come from the most ridiculous and unforeseeable places.  Like what happened to me yesterday for example.  I was in a bad mood while driving, and as I passed by the local dildo shop there was a guy flying a small kite outside in the parking lot.  Right there I was reminded to lighten up, and I immediately stopped brooding over what was annoying me at that moment (paying $35 for the worst Mexican food one could possibly conceive of) and began thinking of ways I could frame this event on my Facebook wall.  I lightened up even more when a pickup truck pulled up with a giant pig statue in the bed while I was watching the cock-kiting bandit from a stopped position at a traffic light. I… Read more »

Should You Ice an Injury?



I was feeling like a wuss after Martin Berkhan emasculated all the peoples of the earth that don’t do deadlifts for fear of back injury.  So I went to the gym, did some deadlifts, and swiftly injured my back – reminder #1,248 that the world’s greatest expert on Matt’s health is Matt.  I tweaked it, ironically, by changing my form a little after noticing in the mirror that I was doing the movement a little asymmetrically.  Well, that’s probably because my frickin’ back is crooked and I should be doing them asymmetrically!     It wasn’t bad or anything, just a little kink.  But it did hurt, get really stiff, and became fairly swollen and inflamed.  This happens to me every so often.  My back has always been one of my… Read more »