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Input=Output and The Extinction of Absolutes



By Derek Ingui One of the problems, at least in my humble opinion, with the health and fitness industry is that too many people are taught, or at least lead to think, in terms of absolutes.  An eye grabbing magazine headline may read something like this: “Blueberries are loaded with Cancer fighting antioxidants!” This is all well and dandy, and may even be right on the money, but this statement somehow contorts itself in the mind of the casual reader that: A)    If I eat a ton of blueberries I am drastically reducing my chances of getting cancer, or B)     If I don’t eat a ton of blueberries, my chances of getting cancer are that much higher! Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against blueberries.  I… Read more »

Creativity vs. Consumption



By Rob Archangel, staff writer The other day, Matt wrote about the difference between expertise and credentials. Expertise, he points out, comes from the process of being engaged over long stretches in a particular pursuit, and it’s enhanced dramatically when that pursuit is self-directed and borne of one’s own inclinations and predispositions. It brought to mind an insight I’ve come to over the last couple of years: purpose and satisfaction comes more from creation than consumption. Relatedly, community and intimacy comes from co-creation more than co-consumption. If you’re not happy with your life, incorporating more creation relative to consumption can help you re-balance. I cribbed this idea from Charles Eisenstein, philosopher and author.  Some of you may know him from The Yoga of Eating or Transformational Weight Loss. I like him… Read more »