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180′s Metabolism Definition


It’s about time I shed some light on this. It’s been, oh, I don’t know, six months since I thought I should write something to this effect. When modern researchers refer to the metabolism as it pertains to calorie burn, they are literally talking about the number of calories a person burns each day – total oxygen and calorie consumption. That would be the standard definition of metabolism when it comes to finding maintenance calorie levels – the number of calories it takes for your weight to remain constant. Using this judgment, the larger a person is, generally the higher the total metabolism. Those with the absolute highest actual metabolic rates are those that are the most obese. The obese burn an almost superhuman amount of calories. It takes a… Read more »

Checking Basal Body Temperature


In the last post on the decline in body temperature, we talked about the significance of having a warm basal body temperature. What is considered the ideal range and what is the official technique for assurance that your temperature reading is accurate? Broda Barnes is still the Godfather of what is still considered the optimal range for the axillary (armpit) temperature, as he routinely used the basal temperature to diagnose hypothyroidism. The armpit temp. runs up to a half degree F below the oral temp, and up to a full degree F of the ear temperature. The rectal temp. is probably very accurate as well, but can lead to perverse thoughts :) Barnes considered the ideal range to be between 97.8 and 98.2 degrees F first thing upon waking in the… Read more »