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The Restrictive Eating Disorder Spectrum


restrictive eating disorders

By Gwyneth Olwyn Definition A restrictive eating disorder is best described as the misidentification in the brain of food as a threat. It is a chronic condition and has no cure. However, a successful recovery effort can result in a complete and permanent remission. It is currently defined as mental illness within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness (DSM) and psychiatrists are the only health care professionals tasked with the clinical diagnosis that will be accepted by either private or national health insurance providers. Classification The DSM splits out the restrictive eating disorder spectrum into three main classifications: anorexia nervosa, bulimia and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder [DSM-V]. Binge eating disorder (not a restrictive eating disorder) has been added to the fifth edition of the DSM. I will have… Read more »

How to Stop Food Cravings


Dr. Oz Cookie Monster

By Matt Stone Yes! Here I am, taking a break from the joys of vacation such as filling out police reports for my car getting broken into and rubbing Calamine lotion all over my Poison Ivy rash-covered body to bring you another homerun. Nah, grand slam. I love it when you call me Big Papi. I don’t mind really. All the National Parks that we drove 5,000 miles round trip to see are closed anyway. Today, we talk food cravings… I used to suffer from tremendous food cravings. I thought of myself as being a “sugar addict” in fact, and first went to war against my “sugar addiction” by strictly forbidding myself to eat ice cream (which, interestingly, isn’t that high in sugar typically 55% fat and 38% sugar as you can read in this old… Read more »

The Feedbag Method: How to Beat Food Cravings, Bingeing, and Emotional Eating


Let your kids eat whatever they want

In line with the shift in focus in the new Diet Recovery, I thought it was worthy to post this insightful passage from Geneen Roth’s book, When Food is Love.  It’s about letting kids regulate their own eating, but certainly applies to making the same leap ourselves.  I had posted this in an old blog of mine that no longer exists, and it’s worth the reposting – especially for all the health-conscious moms out there who, despite really wanting the best for their kids, are disheartened by the fact that efforts to get junior to eat healthy have resulted in junior being a ravenous sugar fiend. There is mounting evidence that the more a parent interferes with a child’s eating, the more harm is done.  The human body is fully equipped with a very sophisticated energy-regulating… Read more »

Barbie… The Truth Behind the Beauty



I was perusing the kid aisles at Target today with a 7-year old.  She loves Barbie.  We strolled down the aisle, just the two of us.  She mentioned her love of Barbie.  I asked her if she wanted to know a little secret about Barbie.  She said yes.  I told her Barbie makes herself throw up after everything she eats and that her teeth fell out from all the barf acid.  It went way over her head, like most things I say.  I didn’t really say it for her amusement anyway.  There was a decent looking girl within earshot.  But the experience reminded me of all the inside information that I have about Barbie that few others possess.  Today… I tell all. Yes it’s true.  Barbie’s teeth were worn down… Read more »

1811 Eastlake – Revolutionary Addiction Treatment


sugar addiction

Many years ago I classified myself as a “sugar addict.”  For nearly a decade, spanning my mid-teens to my mid-20’s, I put forth a daily struggle to consume fewer foods that I “knew” were unhealthy.  I had many victories, but within a week I would almost always cave in and eat something really “unhealthy,” and would do so in ever-greater amounts.  In other words, in an attempt at junk food abstinence, I set up a repeated cycle of binging, followed by starving, followed by binging again – harder and harder with each round.  And each round became more frustrating and shameful.  The more I failed, the more guilt, shame, and self-loathing I experienced. So I lived with a song of self-punishment playing in the background of my life.  This came… Read more »