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Eating Disorder Recovery


jeremy gillitzer

This is a quick follow-up post to my last article on the big fat loss secret.  After a full year of doing a great deal of one-on-one phone conversations, I keep wanting to share some of the calls.  I get some really interesting cases, and I often find myself wanting to start recording some of the really good calls and publish them for a general audience to listen to.  They really are that interesting, and the lessons often strongly reiterate some of the basic messages of 180DegreeHealth.  I haven’t recorded any calls yet, and I don’t know if that’s something I’ll actually do, but I thought I could at least share some of the things that I discussed with Coldmember – a 20-year old Dutch kid that ran into serious health trouble after pursuing extreme body composition… Read more »

MAX Contraction Training



In the modern world, people are looking for more and more efficient ways to exercise.  My own life is pretty atypical, but I’m spending time at my mom’s house right now so this week I can totally relate.  I mean, with my mom’s large television in front of me I too can scarcely find time for anything.  Even sleep!  I mean, I just had to watch the Nuggets lose to the Lakers the other day, even though I hate basketball, and could care less about either team.  But I had to watch something after a busy day of watching every single golf shot of Round 2 in the Player’s tournament, another sport and tournament I care nothing about. I wish I was joking.  Oh, wait a second.  This post will have… Read more »

Eccentric Training



Getting back to our conversation on High-Intensity Training (HIT) and Body By Science, today is a little primer on one of the basic fundamental principles of this form of exercise… The idea behind the exercise is to present the muscle with a new, and greater challenge each time you perform each exercise.  When the muscle gets fully exhausted, and is presented with a challenge that it cannot meet, there is a strong message sent to the muscle that it needs to get stronger.  This change to become stronger is referred to as an adaptation.  This adaptation is what allows exercise to be productive, and bring about real change. But to comprehend what full muscle exhaustion is, you have to examine how the muscles work.  With each exercise that you perform, there is… Read more »

Body By Science



Ah, the long-awaited post on Doug McGuff and John Little’s exercise opus – Body By Science.  Let me purge a few of the sour tastes out my mouth first, so we can get into the good stuff - because I do think that Body By Science offers your metabolic rehab “patient” the best of all exercise solutions. My most major complaint is the tremendous overreliance on scientific theory in coming to conclusions, as if science trumps experience and observation, or is infallible and immune to error.  Not that the book really relies upon that as a crutch too much when it comes to exercise specifically, but it has that general air of scientific elitism that I find annoying.  In my experience, science is the most prone to error, because of how it examines… Read more »

Gaining Muscle Mass



I wrote about this topic a little over a year ago, as I was eager to share the results I got while doing Scott Abel’s Metabolic Enhancement Training (MET) while basically eating as many carbs as a I could.  It worked.  It was also totally and completely grueling and left me with some serious aches and feeling pretty burned out.  I knew from the beginning that MET was unrealistic for the vast majority of people.  It is complex, complicated, grueling, and, when performed as Scott Abel directs (75+ minutes 5 days/week), overwhelming and impractical. Lately we have been discussing pancakes, pizza, ice cream, chips, and other highly palatable foods for raising metabolism.  And I have had dozens of people report very high temps (over 99F), often achieved from the 96′s, in as little as… Read more »