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Eat for Heat Paperback


High Metabolism Diet

Eat for Heat is now available as a paperback through Amazon HERE.  Small, skinny little fella, it’s a quick read and continues to be of huge game-changing importance for those who dare to make the subtle changes it discusses.  Perhaps the best and most accurate review came just last week… “Weird that eating like this actually works… I don’t get it. I really don’t. Half the things I’ve learned about health and nutrition are incorrect. Especially when you are in a low metabolic state, which seems to be anyone who has any sort of chronic condition. I came across Matt Stone, actually from a Danny Roddy blog. I had been “Peating” for about 4 or 5 months, and actually felt worse than I ever have in my adult life. I have… Read more »

Sloth Metabolism


“Their metabolism is so slow that they may take a half a minute to move a leg a few inches. Their digestive system is so slow that they need only defecate about once a week. They even sneeze slowly.” Some people still don’t get it. When I say “it” I mean the centrality of a high cellular metabolic rate in disease prevention, body composition, and overcoming many common health problems big and small as discussed in how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM. Big names in “alternative nutrition” like Mark Sisson and Joel Fuhrman, who make relatively sound general dietary prescriptions (eat nutritious foods at the exclusion of most junk), have both negated the importance of metabolism – and even believe it’s good to have a low metabolism. Everyone else shrugs… Read more »

Resistant Starch


potatoes and weight loss

By Matt Stone Not trying to promote resistant starch as the next Acai berry or something like that, but the studies done on resistant starch show that, like fiber – and perhaps to an ever greater degree, resistant starch is something that sets refined carbohydrates apart from unrefined carbohydrates – and that sets starch apart from sugar, particularly refined sugar. For losing weight, there’s no question that the studies on it reveal a rise in metabolism and a spontaneous decrease in food consumption that is patterned by drops in triglycerides, insulin resistance, and other facets of metabolic syndrome as would be expected with big improvements in insulin sensitivity.  This is most likely due to the increase in production of butyric and propionic acids in the digestive tract, known to exert… Read more »

RRARF Addendum


As many of you know, over the last couple of months we’ve been exploring a diet that displaces more fat with starch as opposed to eating more or less equal amounts of the two.  When it comes to lowering cortisol, improving leptin sensitivity, improving insulin sensitivity, impoving body composition, raising metaoblism, and keeping fat gain minimal while eating to appetite or slightly beyond appetite – which are basically the objectives of the eating and lifestyle program created in the eBook DIET RECOVERY, starch immediately stands out as being superior to fat in each and every one of those categories. And of course, the vast majority of the most metabolically-healthy people on earth eat what could be called a “starch-based diet” in which well over half of ingested calories come from some starchy… Read more »