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Heavy Periods and Bruising Easily



People love to get some cold, hard facts.  In fact, after the prequel to this post was put up, someone immediately voiced a desire to have some “hard data” coming up in this post.  Well, I hate to disappoint you, but the complex interactions that take place in an individual’s body often defy conventional wisdom and data that is, like L.L. Cool J, “as hard as steel.” Let’s look at a real life example.  A woman in her 20’s contacted me because of some serious emotional ups and downs and some general feelings of fatigue.  Stuff like, you know, getting to work, staring at her desk for a minute or two, and then bursting into uncontrollable crying fits.  My first question was, “are you urinating more frequently?” The answer was… Read more »

Thyroid and Nosebleeds, Heavy Periods, Bleeding Gums, Bruising, Anemia, and Low Platelet Count/ITP



Wow!  If that ain’t the most Ray Peat title ever!  Beat that old man! Okay, I don’t expect this post to really appeal to a broad audience.  I mean, that’s the most uncatchy title of all-time.  Well, other than the fact that I listed enough health problems that virtually everyone will have had some problem with one of those at some point.  Maybe that will lure in a few readers. This post is important though, as there are some very interesting connections between all of these conditions and metabolism/thyroid.  Understand some of those connections and you will understand the human body better than most.  Be warned that this post will probably jump around a lot and seem a little schizophrenic, but bear with me.  I didn’t want to separate it… Read more »

Bruising Easily


This came up on the comments section the other day, and since some information I came across was so timely, and I knew rung true with the person’s experience who was claiming to have bruising issues (she originally came to the site complaining of bleeding gums which went away instantly upon pulling a 180 – calling for her to “eliminate the sweets and refined foods in the diet”  which you can read more about how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM), that I couldn’t help but type up this passage and post it on the blog. This was all from a Q and A style book written by George Meinig, a dentist highly involved with the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, called, cheesily, NEWtrition. Question: “When I get a bump I always get myself very… Read more »