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GAPS Talk with East West Healing and Performance



Tonight at 8pm Eastern I will be discussing digestion in great depth with Josh and Jeanne Rubin from East West Healing and Performance. The show is called “Filling in all the GAPS with the GAPS Diet. It should be a very insightful session.  The Rubins really know their, ahem, shit.  You should be able to listen to it here as it goes live at 8pm Eastern.  Feel free to call in with questions, comments, or your experiences on the GAPS diet or similar protocols.  I would highly recommend listening to their past shows as well – some hardcore geek outs with Ray Peat that make any lengthy roadtrip a breeze (got one coming up soon myself! – a road trip, not an interview with Ray!).  The call-in number for the show is: … Read more »

Rethinking Candida



I will be writing a greatly-anticipated post on the GAPS diet tomorrow.  For now, enjoy today’s video on rethinking candida.  Starving yourself of sugar certainly isn’t a wise or sustainble route to health improvement.  P.S. – Check out my recent interview on the new show Homegrown Health with Joni Cox.  

Is Lyme Disease a Hoax?



Warning!  There is a giant mob of bloodthirsty ticks crawling around like a pack of Gremlins headed towards a public swimming pool to reproduce en masse!  Didn’t you know?  Never get a tick wet, they HATE bright lights, and Never EVER feed them after midnight! Seriously though.  There is an epidemic rise of Lyme Disease sweeping the globe.  It patterns, not necessarily a rise in tick bites or tick populations, but a rise in articles about Lyme disease on the internet and shady alternative-ish docs treating it.  I bet these bloodthirsty ticks can give you candida and leaky gut syndrome too!  Well, as long as you avoid sugar, gluten, and lectins I’m sure you’ll be fine (I hope you are picking up the sarcasm there). While I am plenty interested in… Read more »

Whee, This Health Stuff is Easy!


I don’t like throwing out personal stories I receive from others too often.  A lot of health gurus out there make a bad habit of selectively sorting out all the favorable testimonials they receive and busily go about propagandizing their work – and believing it themselves.  I may have once been into telling everyone how awesome I was, mostly because I knew I had really stumbled upon something amazing and no one was paying attention and it was driving me crazy.  But I don’t have that kind of time anymore, I’m too busy learning.   This, however, is a classic case of honeymoon chasing, and restricted eating gone awry – and it’s well-written enough to be VERY enjoyable to read. We’ll keep it totally anonymous, but I will say I’m glad I took her by surprise and made her realize. … Read more »

Fat vs. Fruit


Recently I’ve been trying to take it easy on my friend fruit. For years I’ve advocated an entirely sugar-free approach to overcoming certain health problems, and when my diet was very high in fat, fruit was a major aggravator of health issues – like tooth pain, them little tongue bump things, emotional irrationality, joint pain, allergies, asthma, and fat gain – and zits too. Aurora’s response is identical, only worse on many of those fronts. Same for dozens of others that I’ve had these discussions with. However, my past experiences with fruit weren’t necessarily congruent with my newer, more recent condemnations of fruit. For example, in 2005 I did all kinds of “cleanses” and forever improved my health doing so. These cleanses were based primarily around sweet fruits, fruit-only smoothies,… Read more »