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Eat for Heat Audio Edition


Audible full size

By Rob Archangel Another quick update everyone: Eat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink is now available in audiobook format on Audible. Narrated by Matt, this is a great way to learn about how best to interpret your biofeedback so that you can tweak your food and beverages for the greatest metabolic impact. If you’re tired of dealing with middle of the night bathroom trips, cold hands and feet, dry skin and scalp, even migraines and anxiety, Eat for Heat offers tools to address these problems and more using simple diet and lifestyle interventions. And no crazy dietary dogma to swallow- these tips will work for everyone from bodybuilders to vegetarians and vegans, to fast food fiends and the die-hard farmer’s market shopping real-food eaters. Best of all,… Read more »

Increase Metabolism on a Vegan Diet


Vegan weight loss

By Chris Randall So there’s a rumor going ‘round that some long-haired crazy vegan dude started Eating for Heat ala` Matt Stone’s recommendations and experienced all sorts of toasty warm benefits from doing so. Maybe you read about it in, The Vegan Solution (or listened to it for free via Audible), or just heard it through the grape vine. Is it even possible to maintain a healthy metabolism and body on a diet comprised strictly of plants, let alone completely reversing and healing metabolic damage? That, my friends, is a good question. Let’s find out the answer by starting at the beginning. I started out on a fairly standard, whole-foods-based, relatively high-calorie vegan diet: Lots of rice, potatoes, quinoa, fruit, corn, legumes, etc. What can I say? I’m a total… Read more »

Your Body is Mostly Water? Not Exactly



“Your blood is like a soup that needs to be seasoned just right. [Eat for Heat] helps to teach you what to watch for so you don’t screw up your “soup” by drinking too many fluids (which waters it down) or not seasoning it enough (with things like carbohydrates and salt).” ~Dr. Garrett Smith; Review of Eat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink We often hear that our bodies are “mostly water.”  The rough approximation is that an average person with a relatively average amount of body fat will be composed of about 60% water.  Over the course of the lifespan, the percentage of body water gradually decreases.  This is often used as justification of drinking lots and lots of pure water as if doing so will… Read more »

Sodium – How to Tame Your Low-Salt Habit



By Matt Stone The Mayo Clinic put out an article entitled “Sodium – How to Tame Your Salt Habit.”  I figured the “180 Degree Mayo Clinic” needed an article about the many powerful benefits of sodium, when you might need more salt, how much you might need, and some foolproof ways to get lots without taking in too much lifeless, depleting water with it. Before we begin, I must point out that it is the nature of those who spend way too much time perusing health articles on the internet to take things to extremes.  If you eat enough salt, and take in too little fluids to balance it out, you will die.  Likewise, if you take in enough water, without enough salt to accompany it, you will die.  Life… Read more »

What Gets YOU Hot?



Oh yeah baby.  You know what I’m talkin’ bout!  That’s right sugarplum… I’m a health nerd.  I’m talkin’ about what makes your hands and feet warm. I’ve been playing around with all kinds of different breakfasts lately to see what type of breakfast makes my hands and feet wicked toasty at 10am – the time of day, give or take a half hour, that I am most prone to feel that chilly dip in peripheral circulation.  I’m noticing this to be a fairly universal time to experience a drop in mood and metabolism – especially coldness in the extremities.  I’ve been telling people to really get breakfast right, use it to GET warm, and then, for the rest of the day, eat and drink to STAY warm.  When you really eat… Read more »

Low Metabolism and Dry Skin



By Matt Stone A friend of mine was feeling a little bummed last night.  Some underweight, hypothyroid guy she had been dating was acting all crazy on her – loving her one minute, then wanting to break up the next.  He loved to cuddle, but didn’t like kissing.  And all he wanted to do, she said, was binge on junk food.  And so, to help console her, I went through all my notes from Ancel Keys’s The Biology of Human Starvation to show her that these were well-understood characteristics of poorly nourished hpometabolic males.  I sent her stuff about his balls being small, for example, and she was like, “yeah, his balls are really small.” “The majority of investigators have agreed that the testes are reduced in size in semi-starvation, the… Read more »

How Much Water Should YOU Drink?



By Matt Stone One of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to nutrition is the frequent use of blanket recommendations – many of them made on some theoretical basis, or made due to statistical probability (none of them particularly relevant to a real person living in the real world).  And I feel like, over the years, we at 180D have been picking through these one by one – especially now as we leave this sort of standard view of nutrition in the dust at an accelerated rate. These blanket recommendations really degrade what nutrition, or dietary manipulation, can be – which is an amazing medical tool. The food pyramid is a real travesty, and gives nutrition a bad name.  Dietary needs radically change – sometimes on an hourly basis.  Nutritional… Read more »

RBTI Update



Apologies for my lengthy silence on RBTI.  If anything, I took a lot of time to let it all soak in, and to see what really stuck.  As you may know, the personal benefits I got from RBTI included fat loss eating to appetite – even eating lots of palatable processed foods, disappearance of chest pain that I had suffered from for years, and tremendous improvement with some pain/weakness I had in my feet that had gotten worse over the year prior.  Plus my nostrils seemed to become less inflamed as well, allowing me to breathe deeper.  I thought my pet allergies were gone forever too, but it turned out that I was only not allergic to the pets I was around during my RBTI education. I of course saw… Read more »

Cold Hands and Feet



Me:  It’s a W, for Weston Debbie:  You mean like the Westin hotel?  (we were staying at the Sheraton by the way) Me and Masterjohn:  No (conveyed loudly, with large inflection in our voices, and in creative language) I just finished up with the 2011 Wise Traditions Conference, the annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I finally did my talk yesterday in the biggest ballroom, which was pretty flippin’ full – somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 people in there I would say.  Having to wait all weekend to give my talk was tough.  I felt like they were “icing the kicker” as they say in American football, and interestingly, my kickers were quite icy.  So were my hands.  I think of acute and chronic stresses alike as… Read more »