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Starch Lowers Insulin


Can you eat potatoes on the paleo diet

“It is of interest that diets high in fibre-rich cereals and tuberous vegetables tend to result in an improvement in basal blood glucoses.” p. 281 Burkitt, Denis, Hugh Trowell, and Kenneth Heaton.  Dietary Fibre, Fibre-Depleted Foods and Disease.  Academic Press:  London, 1985. It is a common belief that starch, or any type of carbohydrate – particularly high-glycemic starches like potatoes, raises insulin.  In the low-carb circles you see the idea floating around that carbohydrate ingestion raises glucose, which in turn raises insulin.  Insulin increases fat storage, therefore carbohydrates make you fat and are the cause of the obesity epidemic. Gross oversimplifications that the human mind can easily grasp are always popular – regardless of the what the oversimplifications are intended to explain.  In the health sphere, they are prevalent.  The carbs =… Read more »

Public Talk in Sarasota


Although the sound quality is less than spectacular – I was in a room full of “moo-shine” filled refrigerators, here is a large chunk of a talk I gave to a local group of real foodies in Sarasota on Tuesday.  Nothing earth-shattering, but unlike Uncle Rico’s flippin’ sweet play action QB video in the movie Napolean Dynamite, it hopefully won’t make you say “this is pretty much the worst video ever made.”  Some of you may recognize the Weston A. Price Foundation reading material on the wall beside me, as this was put on by Sarasota-area WAPF chapter leader Cynthia Calisch.  Topics include metabolism, raising body temperature, overcoming insulin resistance, and the potential benefits of a diet very low in omega 6 polyunsaturated fat.  Please be sure to stir up controversy on my alleged identity as frequent commentor… Read more »

Overfeeding Reduces Insulin Resistance?


I had to laugh as the Mayor of Hair Danny Roddy contacted me, wondering if I had heard what was being said about me at this year’s Weston A. Price Foundation conference this past weekend. I had not, but I followed his lead and snooped around on Twitter where there was a tidbit about Stephan Guyenet being asked about overfeeding reducing insulin resistance. “Ah, you’ve been reading Matt Stone,” he said, or something along those lines. “Overfeeding does NOT decrease insulin resistance. I don’t know where he got that idea from.” Well, I figured this was a good opportunity to share exactly where I got that idea from, and why I believe it to be so as it is defined here. First of all, “overfeeding” is a misnomer and I… Read more »