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Laughter and Health


laughter best medicine

By Julia Gumm The word “humor” comes from the ancient Greeks. It refers to the practice of “humoral medicine,” a school of thought that proceeded from the notion that the four fluids or “humors” of the body, in balance or not, were responsible for the ups and downs of human health. These four humors and their corresponding organs and elements were black bile (gallbladder, earth), blood (liver, air), yellow bile (spleen, fire), and phlegm (brain and lungs, water). If a person had a tendency towards excess of one of those humors, it was believed that that was what determined their personality type, or as the term was at the time coined, their temperament- from the Latin temperāmentum, a mixing in proportion. Someone with excess of black bile was “melancholic”- introverted,… Read more »




By Matt Stone I’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately.  My grandfather, age 87 and my last living grandparent, ain’t doin’ so hot.  And yes, he’s old.  He’s falling to pieces.  He’s going to eventually die.  I’m not fighting that, and tend to look at whether it happens now or several months or even years from now as pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  Sure, he’ll miss a few golf tournaments and football games on tv, but from this point forward it doesn’t really matter when the big day arrives.  The world will go on whether he is alive to watch The O’Reilly Factor or not (Yeah I know that’s kinda mean, but he’s at the bedridden diaper stage – the stage where most people promise themselves… Read more »

Stalling the Aging Metabolism



My girlfriend’s daughter just turned 7.  We were eating some food at a restaurant the other day and I watched her eat 2 cheeseburgers, half an order of French fries, a small milkshake, and a few good sips of a soft drink.  I looked up all the nutrition data for her meal, and it totaled, by modest estimates, 1,200 calories.  She weighs a whopping 49 pounds.  That day she consumed over 2,500 calories.  No I don’t meticulously count all her calories.  But I did that day because her appetite was extraordinarily large, and well, you know, I’m a nerd.  Metabolism has been the epicenter of my research for the last several years, and that’s just too impressive not to calculate and ponder. To put it into perspective, that single meal… Read more »




Tomorrow I leaveth the WHIZard and the wonderful paradise city of Wheeling. At least for a few months. I have spent a total of four weeks here and about six weeks on Waychoff’s basic program at this point – with decent but not perfect adherence due to some chaotic road trips. My body chemistry has moved much closer to Reams’s theoretical ideal. And I can honestly say I’ve noticed improvement in all the areas I was having troubles with upon arrival – from improvements in foot pain, chest pain, and back pain to a huge decrease in pet allergies and asthma. My teeth feel noticeably stronger – kind of like what I felt on my extended milk fast over a year ago (which made the other problems listed exponentially worse… Read more »