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Don’t Diet


Don't Diet

By Matt Stone Don’t diet. Yes it’s bad for you and slows down your metabolism and worsens your mood and does heinous things to your body in a variety of ways. That’s not what this is about. I’m talking about it being unrealistic. If you think you can just go hungry and will away all your cravings, keep it up forever, and not return to eating what you want when you’re hungry in the face of ever-escalating hunger… Well, you’re just kidding yourself. You’re simply red. And by simply red I mean if you don’t know ME by now, you will never never never know ME. Did you just meet yourself yesterday? Don’t you know what you do when you get hungry and how doomed of a strategy dieting is? My girlfriend’s… Read more »

Mom Forces Daughter to Lose Weight or Pay


One dollar banknotes tied up with measuring tape against white background

By Matt Stone I thought Bob Greene, perhaps America’s leading ambassador for the statistically-counterproductive pursuit of intentional weight loss (dieting), had really crossed the line by having people sign contracts to crash diet. But Greene has been thoroughly topped by the actions of one Korean mother who recently demanded her daughter to sign a contract stating that she (the daughter) MUST lose an irrational 15 pounds in 30 days to avoid paying a $400 penalty. Sadly, the girl, at an athletic and voluptuous weight of 145 pounds (5’2″) does not need to lose any weight for health reasons or to enhance her attractiveness, and in fact has seen improvements in her body’s shape, composition, and overall femininity by QUITTING DIETING (and gaining about 10 pounds of healthy tissue doing so). If you are… Read more »

Sex, Lawns and Body Image.


sex outside

By Julia Gumm Coming to terms with human nature in the 21st century is no straightforward task. We are equipped with the most primitive of biologies, a physiology that compels us to do two things: Survive and spread our genes. But teetering o’er top that eatin’, sleepin’ and er, copulatin’ machine, there balances an extremely sophisticated control center. It’s complex enough to get us interested in things like algebra and ethics, and when surveying the two dimensional desires of the hulking load of anatomy it hauls around, is led to beg the question “Is this really all there is?” Consideration of the answer to that query can lead to attempts to complicate what otherwise appears to be far too mundane of a purpose for superior beings such as ourselves. When… Read more »

Men… Don’t Let Your Woman Eat Salad!


no salad

I write for an online magazine called Raw Attraction Magazine.  I submitted a modified version of this late last night and figured it was worthy of being published on the site – at least until it’s published in the mag at which point I’ll probably have to take it down. In other news my two most popular books – Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2, will be available, along with 28 other books by some fellow health nerds, for just $39 in this special promotion going on from April 17-23 (a $479 value).  Click HERE to check it out.  It looks great.  There are several books in there by long-time 180 followers, such as Elizabeth Walling, Emily Benfit, and Kendahl Millecam.  Nice looking books girls! 5 Reasons to Take Away… Read more »

Massachusetts Fat Letters – BMI Report Cards


Childhood obesity fat report cards

The timeless practice of “looking busy” has reached new heights, and I suspect this is just a small sample of what’s in store for the world in dealing with the “childhood obesity crisis.”  Massachusetts has taken upon itself to issue “fat letters” to parents when a child reaches a body mass index that is significantly above normal.  Yes, this is really happening.  Accompanying this letter are some recommendations on how to take action against rising body weight.  Pretty scary when the recommendations they are advising are most likely to be conscious calorie reduction and increased physical activity – both of which are well-known and thoroughly proven to increase body fat percentage over time – not to mention increase the risk of many adulthood diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer.  Of… Read more »

Ending Emotional Eating


First of all, man am I glad to be back home. New York City was awesome this trip, and I’ll be writing about my food adventures there at very soon. But all in all it felt like a competition to see how much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, nitrates, and vegetable oil I could get into my system. I’m more than ready for a breather from that. I’ve never been so glad to see ground beef, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, and spinach. In fact, the burger I ate for breakfast this morning was so large I started singing “Everybody Wants Some.” I actually filmed it below. Any resemblance to a young John Cusack is purely coincidental. Anyway, time to discuss what is a huge and extremely prevalent problem in the modern… Read more »

Clarence Bass


In an ongoing conversation about what the best of the fitness and physique industry has to offer someone trying to lose body fat without sacrificing metabolic health, room needs to be made for Clarence Bass. Bass is a famous ripped old dude, known for his multiple Over-40 Mr. America titles and maintenance of a very impressive physique all the way into his 70′s as shown in the photo (age 70). Bass is an excellent example of someone who truly has achieved great leanness and has maintained that leanness his entire life – and done so without excessive strain, hunger, and so on.  His secret – a coarse, low-calorie density whole foods diet of “coarse,” and more or less allowing the weight to come off naturally by eating to appetite of a whole foods diet… Read more »

Ancel Keys and The Biology of Human Starvation


What a read. It’s finally over. Returned to the local library and being sent back from whence it came. As most of you know, I’ve been working hard to get through this 2-volume, 1300 page opus peering into the physiological aspects of human starvation. I did so for two primary reasons: The first reason is that during starvation the basal body temperature drops, and a long list of health problems encompassing a large spectrum of physiological and emotional issues ensue under such conditions. Since it has been observed that human body temperature is in noticeable decline, and is thought to be a legitimate epidemic by those who study body temperature closely amongst their patients – like Mark Starr or Stephen Langer, I couldn’t think of a better reason to delve… Read more »

Mattaroni and Cheeseslave


Ann Marie Michaels of the very popular blog interviewed me last week and the podcast is now up and awaiting to be heard.  My voice is kinda muffled and the thing went on for about a day and a half, but overall was quite an excellent interview.  I hope you enjoyz it.  Plenty in the podcast about the latest topics – like dieting worsening body composition, the reasons to pursue a low omega 6 diet, and the importance of the metabolism.  Thanks Ann Marie and I look forward to more fabulous conversations with you in the future.  180 Podcast on Cheeseslave