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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Why Vegetarians Can’t Get It Up



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Well, time to wrap up kiddos! The Real Food Summit ends today, and this will be my last roundup.  On deck: Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright talking about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Kaayla Daniels talking about enhancing fertility. First up, Jordan and Steve talking about poop. They have an engineering background and take a pretty methodical approach to helping people deal with digestive disorders.  Jordan was diagnosed with Celiac disease several years ago, and Steve experienced undiagnosed digestive distress. Going on a specific carbohydrate diet seemed to help them regain their lives. The idea behind SCD is that unhealthy guts can’t tolerate complex carbs well, and so you avoid them either permanently or provisionally to allow your gut to heal. You can still… Read more »

GAPS Talk with East West Healing and Performance



Tonight at 8pm Eastern I will be discussing digestion in great depth with Josh and Jeanne Rubin from East West Healing and Performance. The show is called “Filling in all the GAPS with the GAPS Diet. It should be a very insightful session.  The Rubins really know their, ahem, shit.  You should be able to listen to it here as it goes live at 8pm Eastern.  Feel free to call in with questions, comments, or your experiences on the GAPS diet or similar protocols.  I would highly recommend listening to their past shows as well – some hardcore geek outs with Ray Peat that make any lengthy roadtrip a breeze (got one coming up soon myself! – a road trip, not an interview with Ray!).  The call-in number for the show is: … Read more »