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Postpartum Hormonal Changes



I decided to take on this topic today for several reasons.  One reason is that I am currently working with many women who are in the postpartum period, and I’m sure there are many more out there that will read this post – both now and in the future.  Another reason is that changes in hormones are often brushed aside like some kind of “excuse” in the minds of your typical average Joe.  But the postpartum period is a powerful reminder that the hormones are in charge of us, not the other way around.  We need more than a good “pep talk” to overcome the power of hormonal influences upon our bodies and brains.  Lastly, one postpartum mom I have been speaking with has lost 35 pounds in 12 weeks… Read more »

Ending Emotional Eating


First of all, man am I glad to be back home. New York City was awesome this trip, and I’ll be writing about my food adventures there at very soon. But all in all it felt like a competition to see how much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, nitrates, and vegetable oil I could get into my system. I’m more than ready for a breather from that. I’ve never been so glad to see ground beef, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, and spinach. In fact, the burger I ate for breakfast this morning was so large I started singing “Everybody Wants Some.” I actually filmed it below. Any resemblance to a young John Cusack is purely coincidental. Anyway, time to discuss what is a huge and extremely prevalent problem in the modern… Read more »

Dopamine and Weight Loss


In the book 180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss, I mentioned how the primary driver of leptin resistance and/or excess fat gain in general without the corresponding decrease in hunger and increase in metabolism is unknown. With some All-American speculation, I came up with what I believed to be the 5 most common causes of excess fat accumulation. Dieting, stress, inflammation, and excessive fructose intake all got their own special chapters. In addition to that, I mentioned Seth Roberts and the Flavor-Calorie Association Theory of obesity that I got super nerded-out on last week in THIS POST. Out of all causes of obesity; however, there is no doubt that Seth’s explanation – that foods that exert the most stimulus to the reward centers in our brains and… Read more »

Anorexia Rehab


Over the weekend I was asked a question about anorexia, and since my thoughts and feelings about the disease are so vast, I saved my reply to this anonymous poster for its very own blog post (note, that is NOT a photo of the person who wrote the following)… “I have had anorexia for 6-7 years now and I need and want out. I have gone from ‘conventional’ treatment where people shove ice cream and subs in your face to LC because it helped me mentally calm down and distress, then to VLC and then ZC then back up the ladder to VLC and LC now. I eat a shitload of protein and fat and slowly and upping my carbs. My blood sugar is shot. My adrenals are shit. My… Read more »

FUMP Day 24


Business as usual over the past several days… The diet is going just fine and seems to be continuing to get better and better. I’ve even been able to exercise at fairly normal levels, going for several short jogs over the past three days, as well as do some brief resistance exercise. I must confess however, that I did consume something not of animal origin. Yes, I know, I’m an evil plant killer, what can I say. My excuse is that I’m moving from Hawaii back to the motherland of Carbondale, CO in just 9 short days. That means that everybody who knows me wants to hang out and watch me have a drink or two, and well, that’s exactly what I did on the evening of day 23. I… Read more »