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The Gluten-Free Diet Craze



No this isn’t going to be a technical post about immunoglobulins or whatever they call those things.  Not even going to mention Th1 and Th2 responses.  No antibodies, no autoimmunity, not even leaky gut.  Rather, this is about looking at the big picture when it comes to the global “wheat hunt.”  And, as always, this will be a presentation of a new way of looking at things that most people don’t take into consideration. Diets that eliminate wheat and other grains containing gluten are without question the most popular current diet trend.  Diet trends come and go, and are usually cyclical with phases of hysteria followed by dormancy followed by hysteria followed by dormancy ad infinitum.  These cycles are probably fueled by human nature itself, which tends to flow back… Read more »

Wheat Belly


wheat belly

Ah yes – as the low-carb world gets semi-erect (that’s all they can muster) over Dr. William Davis’s release of his book – Wheat Belly, it’s time to take a step back and calm down over this whole wheat and gluten thing. Before we begin, let’s please all try to keep this in perspective.  180DegreeHealth offers many things for many people.  And I can’t help but take perhaps the greatest satisfaction in helping young guys who remind me a lot of myself, to keep from making the same dumb mistakes I made – or at least help them recover from the world of dietary extremism that they were drifting towards prior to finding 180D. I’ve already done two posts on Martin, aka The Belgian Jackhammer.  The first was about the start of his recovery… Read more »