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A Post Nobody Will Read


health and outdoor recreation

By Matt Stone Here we go again. Another one of those boring posts about outdoor recreation and health. If I’ve learned anything from blogging over the years, it’s that most people don’t give a flying rat’s ass about any connections between outdoor recreation and health. I mean, when I posted 10 Health Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors last summer, I sniffed my armpits trying to figure out why everyone immediately scattered the moment it went live. Do I offend? Yep, people want to hear about some magic supplement or diet that will enable them to sit around doing nothing, staring into the electronic devices they are fatally attracted to for endless hours, and avoid adventure and discomfort at all costs. Hell, on my last trip into the outdoors, it snowed… Read more »

Earthing: Medical Discovery or Quack Scam?


Earthing quackery

By Matt Stone “What do you think about that Mr. Blue Duck?  That’s Quacktastic ack ack ack ack.”  ~Billy Madison Earthing as a health idea is the practice of connecting oneself to the ground – via direct contact or a mat or sheets that are grounded (or shoes as I wrote about in THIS POST).  The objective, for lack of a better way to describe it, is to protect oneself from all the voltage that we are exposed to in the modern world.  Here is a good demonstration (albeit a shaky one with brain-damaged kids in it) using a voltmeter, showing the difference between being grounded or “earthed” and not being earthed… Clint Ober is the primary force behind this modern movement.  Personally, I think earthing holds a lot of potential and… Read more »

Earth Runners Earthing Shoes


grounded symbiosis

The following, and everything published at 180DegreeHealth is NOT a paid promotion.  By Matt Stone I admit – I have dabbled in the world of peculiar health-oriented footwear – to some degree.  For a couple years I wore a pair of those fugly Vibram 5-Fingers shoes.  They were alright.  I used them mostly for hiking in mountains and desert – hard on the feet but good on the body, as you had to walk carefully and gingerly to an extent that a lot less shock was being sent up into the knees, hips, and back. But my feet never really adjusted to the lack of protection because I just couldn’t bring myself to wear them daily.  While the internet gives me electric courage (similar to the liquid courage of alcohol),… Read more »

10 Health Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors


great outdoors

This summer I toured around the Rocky Mountains with my girlfriend and her daughter, showing them many of the remarkable places and doing many of the remarkable things in the outdoors (like crapping in a hole) that I’ve been extremely privileged to experience.  In the past I have reaped many health rewards from spending a lot of time in the outdoors (I’ve experienced some health detriments as well, from overdoing it with physical exertion and underdoing it on food). I think the near-miraculous health benefits I have experienced from spending a lot of time outdoors in the past was one of the major catalysts for my interest in health.  The only problem was that the quantity of time spent outdoors to achieve that effect was extreme – not something any “normal” person… Read more »