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A Post Nobody Will Read


health and outdoor recreation

By Matt Stone Here we go again. Another one of those boring posts about outdoor recreation and health. If I’ve learned anything from blogging over the years, it’s that most people don’t give a flying rat’s ass about any connections between outdoor recreation and health. I mean, when I posted 10 Health Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors last summer, I sniffed my armpits trying to figure out why everyone immediately scattered the moment it went live. Do I offend? Yep, people want to hear about some magic supplement or diet that will enable them to sit around doing nothing, staring into the electronic devices they are fatally attracted to for endless hours, and avoid adventure and discomfort at all costs. Hell, on my last trip into the outdoors, it snowed… Read more »

Seizures in Infants and Children


little baby drinking water from the tap during bathing

While I’m not the almighty authority on such a topic, nor is it my bread n’ butter specialty, I feel compelled to share some basic insights on seizures in infants and children.  Plus man, November is Epilepsy Awareness month. I got your awareness right here! This will not be an exhaustive and comprehensive look into this problem.  Rather, the intent of this post is to help parents of children with seizure problems eliminate one simple and frequent cause – what I believe to probably be the most prevalent and easy-to-correct of all causes… low sodium levels.  This article will also highlight some important features of human physiology that can be useful in general health and well-being, and hopefully keep parents from doing dumb shit, like restrict sodium in their child’s diet (or their own diet, especially while… Read more »

Armi Legge


This work with Challen is heating up and getting more and more interesting every day.  I’m away from my beloved Wheeling at the moment, but used one of the simple rules of RBTI today to prevent someone going into a seizure.  In fact, the person was so disoriented that she thought she had had a seizure and rushed to the bathroom mirror to look for bite marks on her tongue.  But there were no bite marks because the vast majority of seizures are incredibly easy to prevent when you know what Challen refers to as, “The rules of the sugar.”  In fact, not only was this person’s seizure prevented, but ten minutes later the splitting headache was gone, there was no sign of disorientation or loss of coordination, and she was talking 90 miles… Read more »