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Angelina Jolie Undergoes Preventive Double Mastectomy


angelina jolie breasts removed

By Matt Stone News erupted this morning about Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy.  I rarely see any news stories, which is why I so rarely “report” on something in this fashion, but this happened to catch my eye.  A response was in order. I first came across the growing trend of getting your breasts removed – you know, just in case you get breast cancer, right at the very beginning of my health research in late 2004.  I willed myself to read something from a mainstream health authority as part of my comprehensive education.  It was Isadore Rosenfeld, “America’s most trusted doctor,” who I first heard advocating this.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, for two reasons. It is shocking that this is the best the medical industry can do It is shocking… Read more »

The Best Natural Birth Control Method


Best Natural Birth Control

By Matt Stone “Back then we didn’t have these fancy birth control methods. Like pulling out!” ~Pops; Dirty Work Everyone has their own criteria for determining what constitutes the BEST birth control method.  For some, that means the method that makes you the least likely to get pregnant.  For others, the best might be one that works very well and doesn’t make you depressed, fat, covered in acne, dead from a blood clot, and diabetic with no sex drive. This is a health website.  Any and all hormonal methods must be thrown completely out the window.  Most birth control relies on administering the death hormone estrogen, which is extremely toxic in excess, and even appears to be somewhat undesirable at normal levels.  Anything good that you’ve heard about it is probably being mistaken for progesterone, as doctors have been thoroughly confused… Read more »

Reducing Serotonin Levels



I’m not a fan of exhaustive lists that are meant to cover absolutely every possible way that some miscellaneous biochemical, of which there are a bajillion, are affected by our diet and lifestyle.  Trying to simply research one of them recently, serotonin, has nearly turned my brain into scrambled eggs.  Actually, that’s a terrible metaphor as my brains probably look, taste, and have some nutritional similarities to scrambled eggs regardless of my current research project (snoop du jour?).  But you know what I mean. In the last post I discussed some of the dangers of serotonin.  When looking at the big picture of aging, inflammation, mitochondrial respiration, metabolism – that stuff that is a recurring theme in almost all illnesses, serotonin is worthy of mention.  It’s not worthy of mention… Read more »