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Harvest your Health Bundle



By Rob Archangel It’s that time of year, and we’re participating once again in one of Primal Toad’s bundle sales. This time around, we have on offer  Diet Recovery 2 and The Vegan Solution. The whole bundle includes dozens of other books, including some gems like Exuberant Animal by Frank Forencich (making a repeat appearance in Todd’s bundle), and his newer book Change Your Body, Change the World. I had the good fortune several years ago to meet Frank at a workshop in New Jersey. He’s a great guy, and very sharp. His initial focus was on how to connect to movements that are ‘primal, practical and playful.’  In other words, what sort of exercise can we do that makes sense for us as human animals (and do things like minimize the risk… Read more »

Restrained Eating and Obesity



In the book Intuitive Eating by Eveyln Tribole and Elyse Resch, a classic study on dieting psychology was highlighted (and reminded me of Napolean in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure).  In real life, I’ve been talking about this study a lot lately, because it is such an interesting example.  Here is the section in the book discussing the appetite dysregulation caused by dieting/restrained eating, with a quick video discussion on it.  Enjoy!  And if I don’t post again before the big day, have a great Thanksgiving!  I will probably not eat impressive amounts of food because I’m not on a diet, and overeating is not fun unless you are dieting – then it is orgasmic and food is so good you just can’t stop eating it! “One of the classic studies involved fifty-seven female college students at Northwestern University. … Read more »

How to Feed Your Kids


“Duke University psychologist Philip Costanzo, Ph.D., found that excess weight in school-age children was highly associated with the degree to which parents tried to restrain their children’s eating. Even well-meaning parents interfere with intuitive eating. When a parent tries to overrule a child’s natural eating cues, the problem gets worse, not better.” -Evelyn Tribole; Intuitive Eating “Research indicates that parents who restrict access to certain foods are actually more likely to have heavier kids! This fact makes sense: The kids lose their ability to self-regulate as a result of parents’ interference. Promising a child dessert if she eats her vegetables or encouraging a child to clean his plate can also contribute to developing unhealthy eating practices.” -Linda Bacon; Health at Every Size My goal in this post, first and foremost,… Read more »