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Soylent: Rob Rhinehart’s Childbrain


The movie "Soylent Green", directed by Richard Fleischer, based on the novel 'Make Room! Make Room!' by Harry Harrison.  Seen here, Charlton Heston as Thorn witnessing for the first time the beauty of Earth's past, being projected for Sol.  Initial theatrical release May 9, 1973.  Screen capture. © 1973 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Credit: © 1973 MGM / Flickr / Courtesy Pikturz. Image intended only for use to help promote the film, in an editorial, non-commercial context.

By Matt Stone “What about the one you lobotomized… Did he get a refund?”  ~Arnold, Total Recall I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what that quote has to do with this post.  But it’s worth repeating I know that. Folks, the future has arrived.  We have now ushered in the era of Soylent – the magical, lightly foamy, urine-colored food alternative.  Rob Rhinehart, whose post on his liquid meal replacement lifestyle went beyond viral, is the inventor of this food alternative, and the possibilities… Ahem, I mean THE POSSIBILITIES, are endless. Solve world hunger! Lower food bills! Lose weight! Get smarter! Improve blood tests! I hope you heard that.  I said blood tests.  Because if you do something and your blood tests are “better” a few weeks later, well fuckinA man, that’s solid proof… Read more »

Low-Intensity Exercise Part III – Lactic Acid and Growth Hormone


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There isn’t a whole lot more that I wanted to say about low-intensity exercise other than for some indivuals, particularly those very sensitive to stress, may fare better keeping intensity level very low.  But I did want to get a few words in about lactic acid and growth hormone, as there is a huge blind infatuation with growth hormone these days. Growth hormone is far from being worthy of blind worship.  Growth hormone is something that surges when the body is subjected to major stresses.  Two of the most major stresses – fasting and high-intensity exercise at or near one’s maximum heart rate, stimulate the most dramatic increase in growth hormone.  Anorexics, for example, have much higher levels of growth hormone, and are even thought to develop resistance to growth hormone similar to what happens… Read more »

Juicing Q & A with Matt Stone



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Ahoy, buckaroos- Rob here, emissary from the world wide web, letting you know about more happenings from Mattarino and 180D. Matt recently sat down (electronically) for a question and answer session with Rosie at the Natural Maven to talk about juicing.  Is it good? Is it bad? If you know Matt, you know nothing gets so perfunctory and simplified a treatment. In the post, he talks about how and when juicing can be beneficial, the possible dangers, and how to go about incorporating it into your life if you’re inspired to. It’s a great primer, especially in light of the recent research and interest here about the role of fluids and their cellular concentration as it relates to the metabolism and feelings of well-being…. Read more »

Bernarr MacFadden


I learned some fascinating things about Bernarr MacFadden recently.  Originally I thought he was just some dude who wrote a book about milk fasting and a couple others.  Sure, I was impressed with the level of thought put into his The Miracle of Milk, but had no idea that he was like the O.G. Renegade Health Gangsta.  The guy had some kind of fetish for using natural methods to heal disease, avoiding mainstream medicine, body sculpting, and creating little health communes and “cities” where his notorious “physical culture” could reign supreme.  Sounds like my kinda guy.  You can read more about him at  He wrote and published over 100 books! Listen to more about Bernarr, and my day 7 Raw Milk Diet update in the video below.

Paleo for Population Control!



Attention everyone! There is a massive and urgent problem that humanity faces.  It’s called “overpopulation.” That’s right, with the dawn of agriculture came a huge rise in global population.  It seems that neolithic foods, particularly grain and milk, were such healthy foods that they offered mankind with simply too much of an ecological advantage.  As soon as the fields and pastures gave rise to these new foods, we began proliferating like all species tend to do when health is at a maximum. For years I’ve been incapable of coming up with a solution to this huge problem.  I became even more confused when I read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth, in which the overpopulation issue was highlighted as mankind’s primary concern heading forward, while simultaneously reading that vegan diets must… Read more »

Low Carb Rehab


For the 50 grams per day or less ketogenic dieter looking to return to a normal diet with good health – and wanting to have an easier transition…I’ve been getting questions a lot lately from people who have followed low carb diets for a long time that are looking to break free from the shackles. Although there are no set rules, the idea, when coming back to carbs, is to do whatever you can to improve glucose tolerance. Otherwise, when carbs sneak back in, you feel all the negative consequences of carbs going into a system that mismanages them (bloating, weight gain, emotionality, breakouts, and so on). Needless to say, it’s best to avoid that. In my experience, the body seems to handle things best when they are isolated. In… Read more »