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Clarence Bass


In an ongoing conversation about what the best of the fitness and physique industry has to offer someone trying to lose body fat without sacrificing metabolic health, room needs to be made for Clarence Bass. Bass is a famous ripped old dude, known for his multiple Over-40 Mr. America titles and maintenance of a very impressive physique all the way into his 70′s as shown in the photo (age 70). Bass is an excellent example of someone who truly has achieved great leanness and has maintained that leanness his entire life – and done so without excessive strain, hunger, and so on.  His secret – a coarse, low-calorie density whole foods diet of “coarse,” and more or less allowing the weight to come off naturally by eating to appetite of a whole foods diet… Read more »

180 Kitchen 2nd Edition


Okay, I’ve slacked a little bit, relatively speaking, but the updated version of 180 Kitchen: 180 Tips, Recipes, and More is complete. Nearly half a year has passed while I have been left mortified at some of the low-carb one-liners lingering in 180 Kitchen.  Well, no more “golfball-sized” portions of starch, dumb recipes for things like a “cream shake” to drink with meals as a fat supplement, and so on. That’s not to say that I went all low-fat on you guys.  Actually, most of the recipes and fundamentals remain with little to no alteration.  At the end of the day, what I feel is by far the most important factor in maintaining good health long-term is being able to make satisfying whole foods-based dishes in your own home – without the… Read more »