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Gain Weight, Look Better?


Weight Increased while body composition improved

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily lead to better looks. Likewise, gaining weight doesn’t necessarily make you look worse. The look of your body is more about changes in the relative proportions of muscle and fat. The number on the scale is almost completely irrelevant in most cases, and many people are making their body composition worse by trying to lose weight. On this basis, the scale is already a poor tool at best. But before we dig our heels into this topic, let’s first talk about what is an even bigger reason to stop hopping on a scale… We are emotional creatures. Most of our choices are not made with our rational brain, although this is how we justify it to ourselves. Instead, our decisions and emotions are determined by our… Read more »

Re-Examining Calories In vs Calories Out



By Rob Archangel In an effort both self-motivated, and in the interests of research, I have gone over to the dark side, readers. I am now tracking my calorie intake in an experiment to personally test the ‘calories in, calories out’ (CICO) paradigm, and better understand why so many bright and respected minds find success in conscious calorie manipulation if done ‘correctly.’ Folks like Amber of Go Kaleo, and Anthony Colpo, who emphasize the ultimate relevance of the calorie. But first, a preamble. The issue of fat gain and  loss, and bodyweight regulation is complex. It’s commonly oversimplified, and standard CICO advocacy often enough seems ignorant of the subtleties. By saying essentially, “Thermodynamics… bitches!” to CICO critics, they miss that neither side of that equation can be pinned down with the… Read more »

Information about Safe Weight Loss without Dieting


Everyone seems to be looking for a way to achieve safe weight loss and to lose weight without dieting – as in starving yourself.  Can it be done?  Mainstream health authorities believe that it’s impossible. But there is weight loss information out there that is a radical affront to mainstream philosophies on what constitutes safe and effective weight loss.  Perhaps the most radical of all approaches, and by far the safest, is found at 180DegreeHealth.  The official stance on weight loss is that it cannot be achieved unless you are burning more calories than you are taking in.  In other words, there must be a caloric deficit.  I agree with this wholeheartedly. My problem is that the flexible and endlessly complex system known as ‘the metabolism’ is underappreciated in that… Read more »

The Best Fat Burning Diets


New fat burning diets are constantly flitting in and out of style, but when it comes to shedding some pounds, many people forget that the objective is not, in any way whatsoever, to lose weight.  In fact, losing anything other than fat has dire consequences.  It brings about physiological changes that stall weight loss by lowering the metabolic rate, curbing energy levels, and greatly increasing the desire to eat more – not to mention increase the formation of body fat out of the food you eat.  In fact, most diet programs are far from the best way to burn fat,and if advertising honestly, would use this as a sales pitch: “We have no idea how to burn fat!Lose 30 pounds in just 30 days!  Drastically slow down your metabolism!  Enhance… Read more »

How to Lose Weight without Dieting


There is no such thing as an effective diet. At 180DegreeHealth, the diet myths – every single one of them, are executed by firing squad. Learn how to lose weight without dieting. A weight loss program that doesn’t require dieting, starvation and general unhapinness is the best way to lose weight. If eating until you are satisfied makes you perpetually gain weight, leaving you ever-hungrier, then you have a damaged metabolism. You thus have two choices: 1) Try to avoid a food group such as carbohydrates, fat, or meat, starve yourself in a state of calorie deprivation for the rest of your (miserable) life, or exercise fanatically. OR… 2) Learn how to lose weight without dieting by fixing your metabolism, then eat as much as want and practically whatever you… Read more »