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Raising Metabolism Naturally


Hey buckaroos – Just wanted to let you guys know that I did a guest post on raising body temperture as a tool to increase the chances of getting pregnant.  Nothing terribly new, but it is short and concise and has stimulated some decent conversation in the comments over at Naturally Knocked Up…  

Fertility Diet


Just a quick video I filmed a while back laying out the basics for those searching around the internet, wading through all kinds of quacky and wacky ineffective dogma, and looking for some of the most basic and effective information on how to insure a healthy pregnancy.  While each case is highly specific, the simple information laid out in how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM, makes for an excellent pre-pregnancy diet and lifestyle plan – not just for those struggling to get pregnant, but for those who want to insure that mom and dad have the most outstanding metabolic health they can obtain before forging a fresh lil’ zygote.  Some solutions are very complex, but in a world awash in anorexic behavior in the name of health (45% of Americans report being on a… Read more »