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The Calorie Myth Part I – Raw Food Weight Loss



“When Atwater burned foods in a bomb calorimeter… he assumed that humans could use all the energy present in a food and digested in the body.  If foods burns in the bomb calorimeter, Atwater seemed to conclude, it produces the same amount of energy value in our bodies.  But the human body is not a bomb calorimeter.  We do not ignite food inside our bodies.  We digest it, and we use calories to pay for this complex series of operations.  The cost varies…” ~Richard Wrangham; Catching Fire Tis the season for people to start making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight.  Oh what fun!  And so, I figured what better time to do a multi-part series on the huge scientific fallacy and oversimplification that is, for lack of a better phrase… Read more »

Should You Ice an Injury?



I was feeling like a wuss after Martin Berkhan emasculated all the peoples of the earth that don’t do deadlifts for fear of back injury.  So I went to the gym, did some deadlifts, and swiftly injured my back – reminder #1,248 that the world’s greatest expert on Matt’s health is Matt.  I tweaked it, ironically, by changing my form a little after noticing in the mirror that I was doing the movement a little asymmetrically.  Well, that’s probably because my frickin’ back is crooked and I should be doing them asymmetrically!     It wasn’t bad or anything, just a little kink.  But it did hurt, get really stiff, and became fairly swollen and inflamed.  This happens to me every so often.  My back has always been one of my… Read more »

Pee Freelea and Couchrider


Please bear with my sick sense of humor, but Pip and I did a short spoof of the 80-10-10 raw vegans Durianrider and Freelea of What’s wild is that the information in this video is pretty accurate.  That is Pip’s actual age, she has lost a lot of weight since starting to work with Challen 6 months ago, she does no structured exercise and hasn’t for a decade.  I asked her yesterday how many days out of 7 in a week she ate ice cream as she was achieving the body she currently has (which is much leaner than she was when we were living in Hawaii together and she was eating semi-raw Paleo).  Her answer… 7. I too am getting lean quickly on Challen’s program, with no exercise… Read more »