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Should You Ice an Injury?



I was feeling like a wuss after Martin Berkhan emasculated all the peoples of the earth that don’t do deadlifts for fear of back injury.  So I went to the gym, did some deadlifts, and swiftly injured my back – reminder #1,248 that the world’s greatest expert on Matt’s health is Matt.  I tweaked it, ironically, by changing my form a little after noticing in the mirror that I was doing the movement a little asymmetrically.  Well, that’s probably because my frickin’ back is crooked and I should be doing them asymmetrically!     It wasn’t bad or anything, just a little kink.  But it did hurt, get really stiff, and became fairly swollen and inflamed.  This happens to me every so often.  My back has always been one of my… Read more »

Fat vs. Fruit


Recently I’ve been trying to take it easy on my friend fruit. For years I’ve advocated an entirely sugar-free approach to overcoming certain health problems, and when my diet was very high in fat, fruit was a major aggravator of health issues – like tooth pain, them little tongue bump things, emotional irrationality, joint pain, allergies, asthma, and fat gain – and zits too. Aurora’s response is identical, only worse on many of those fronts. Same for dozens of others that I’ve had these discussions with. However, my past experiences with fruit weren’t necessarily congruent with my newer, more recent condemnations of fruit. For example, in 2005 I did all kinds of “cleanses” and forever improved my health doing so. These cleanses were based primarily around sweet fruits, fruit-only smoothies,… Read more »