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Sugar the Bitter Truth


bananas for weight loss

By Chris Randall Okay fine. Sugar, the sweet, sweet truth. I made a smoothie today: a really good one, in fact. “Oh, a super-good one with wild organic low-sugar berries, organic grass-fed no-sweetener-added whey protein powder, and no-calorie Stevia drops?!” Um, no. Gross. Do people actually eat stuff like that? I’m talking a real smoothie. I’m talking the kind of smoothie that would simultaneously put Dr. Robert Lustig (that dude over there) and Gary Taubes into a diabetic coma just from hearing about it. What was in it? Bananas: super ripe and sugary bananas. There were between 12-14 big ones in there. I tend to lose count as I’m more focused on fitting as much as possible into the blender. I also dropped in a small glug of apple juice to… Read more »




Well boys and girls, this will be my final blog post. I drank the RBTI Kool-Aid and it tasted good. And now, well, there’s not much left to write about. It’s all “in the numbers” you see. Okay okay, you’re not buying that for a second. You know me well. I have a severe writing problem, and there is no known cure. Even RBTI was unable to cure me of my condition. In fact it could be the worst flareup I’ve ever had. I put the RBTI cookbook together in 6 days for example, and will be releasing another book in two weeks – Diet Recovery: Restoring Hormonal Health, Metabolism, Mood, and Your Relationship with Food!But this really will be my final blog post on THIS blog. As soon as… Read more »