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The GAPS Diet



By Matt Stone I first wrote about Natasha Campbell-McBride and the GAPS diet many years ago, commenting on what an excellent public speaker Campbell-McBride is.  She speaks with a tremendous amount of confidence and fervor.  You are convinced, after hearing her speak, that she really knows something and is eager to bring it to those in need.  But these good intentions and good impressions aside, most find the GAPS diet to be woefully ineffective.  For some, like a young girl who recently contacted me after what seems to be some electrolyte-related heart troubles caused in part by her GAPS experience, it can do a lot of damage. So what, in my assessment, is the good, bad, and ugly of GAPS (with an emphasis on bad and ugly as everyone else… Read more »



Divorcing macronutrient restriction has done some wonderful things for me in the last year since I fully embraced it. For starters, I have a much more relaxed relationship with food. I feel like a participant in society again. My mental and emotional health is back to peak form as well. Unless I fail to get good sleep or really depart from the quality of my diet in favor of low-quality sweets with refined sugar, my mood stays very stable, and I’m about as rational as an insane and irrational guy can possibly be. My sleep quality has improved. No more 1-2 nights per week up till 2 am in a complete state of restlessness. Body and breath odor is much better. Bowels are great. Allergenicity to pet dander is slowly… Read more »