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Barbie… The Truth Behind the Beauty



I was perusing the kid aisles at Target today with a 7-year old.  She loves Barbie.  We strolled down the aisle, just the two of us.  She mentioned her love of Barbie.  I asked her if she wanted to know a little secret about Barbie.  She said yes.  I told her Barbie makes herself throw up after everything she eats and that her teeth fell out from all the barf acid.  It went way over her head, like most things I say.  I didn’t really say it for her amusement anyway.  There was a decent looking girl within earshot.  But the experience reminded me of all the inside information that I have about Barbie that few others possess.  Today… I tell all. Yes it’s true.  Barbie’s teeth were worn down… Read more »

Paleo for Population Control!



Attention everyone! There is a massive and urgent problem that humanity faces.  It’s called “overpopulation.” That’s right, with the dawn of agriculture came a huge rise in global population.  It seems that neolithic foods, particularly grain and milk, were such healthy foods that they offered mankind with simply too much of an ecological advantage.  As soon as the fields and pastures gave rise to these new foods, we began proliferating like all species tend to do when health is at a maximum. For years I’ve been incapable of coming up with a solution to this huge problem.  I became even more confused when I read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth, in which the overpopulation issue was highlighted as mankind’s primary concern heading forward, while simultaneously reading that vegan diets must… Read more »