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The Wheaties Effect


Wheaties effect

By Matt Stone The other day I was straining some pasta. My strainer, a fancy chinois that I have had for about a decade now, lives up in a small cabinet (from now on referred to as a CARBinet… Thanks Batty!) above the microwave. I reached up there and opened the carbinet to grab it. As I took hold of the handle I saw, lurking behind it, my tin of Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate. I immediately thought, “I should start consuming more of that.” Ladies and gents, this is the Wheaties Effect. Ten days ago I posted an eating disorder follow up with pictures of a ripped and beastly young guy who has physically recovered from his past overzealous and misguided health and body composition pursuits. In that post he mentions consuming wild quantities of gelatin… Read more »

The Best Way to Feed Your Dog


best diet for dogs

By Matt Stone In the comments on a recent post the topic of dog nutrition surfaced.  Several people mentioned switching their dogs to new diets or even applying my methods of “rest and refeeding” to a sick pet.  TW writes… When I came home from college my dog was really sick and frail with obvious signs of Cushing’s. She had lost a ton of weight, collapsed often, peed in the house, was losing her hair, etc. She is a 17 year old beagle-Rottweiler mix so I figured it was just old age. She wouldn’t eat her dog food anymore. I decided to feed her some freezer burnt hamburger. She ate ‘people food’ just fine. It has been a few months since I started feeding her chicken, hamburger, expensive moist dog… Read more »

Soy Sauce


soy sauce

Well I guess it’s meant to be.  I did a long-winded post about soy sauce, pulling nerdy nutrition crap out of my rear end, and when I went to preview it the whole thing got lost into an internet black hole.  Nothing remained.  So be it.  Instead I’ll leave that out and just say, simply, why I wanted to do a post on soy sauce specifically… After recently seeing the powerful importance of salt in increasing metabolic rate and keeping the nervous system calm, I bought some soy sauce for the first time in a long time.  I was excited to have some because I know it’s super salty and super good.  Imagine sushi without it.  Eesh. In some parts of Japan and China salt consumption exceeds 20, and sometimes even 25… Read more »

How to Cook Dark Leafy Greens


Just a quick little weekend blurb here… This is very simple but for some reason, maybe due to my inner Cracker Barrel, I just really love it.  You couldn’t pay me to a eat a salad if these greens were sitting next to it.  To make them all I do is add a couple cups of water to a pot, 1 sliced onion per pound of dark greens (turnip greens are the best – hellfire that’s what they serve at Cracker Barrel, but this works well for collard greens and various types of kale as well as mustard greens and others), plenty of the infamous MONEY SPICE, and cook them for at least an hour at a very low simmer, if not a hair longer.  This was filmed a couple of months ago… Read more »