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Michelle Obama School Lunch Catastrophe


school lunch

On January 25th of this year, Michelle Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack released the new federal nutrition standards for school meals. The changes, as far as I know, have little to no real scientific validity.  The changes all stem from outdated presumptions about the cause and cure of obesity.  From what I can tell, the USDA and Michelle consulted with Jillian Michaels, Kate Moss, and Jenny Craig instead of the world’s leading obesity researchers to make this dramatic and assuredly harmful overhaul of public school lunches. Let’s dissect.  The scariest of the new standards… 1)      Limit Calorie intake… To control portion size, school lunches are now calorie-controlled.  To give an example of the levels of calorie intake, high school-age kids are limited to 850-950 calories for lunch.  Scientific… Read more »