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Low-Intensity Exercise Part III – Lactic Acid and Growth Hormone


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There isn’t a whole lot more that I wanted to say about low-intensity exercise other than for some indivuals, particularly those very sensitive to stress, may fare better keeping intensity level very low.  But I did want to get a few words in about lactic acid and growth hormone, as there is a huge blind infatuation with growth hormone these days. Growth hormone is far from being worthy of blind worship.  Growth hormone is something that surges when the body is subjected to major stresses.  Two of the most major stresses – fasting and high-intensity exercise at or near one’s maximum heart rate, stimulate the most dramatic increase in growth hormone.  Anorexics, for example, have much higher levels of growth hormone, and are even thought to develop resistance to growth hormone similar to what happens… Read more »




By Matt Stone I’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately.  My grandfather, age 87 and my last living grandparent, ain’t doin’ so hot.  And yes, he’s old.  He’s falling to pieces.  He’s going to eventually die.  I’m not fighting that, and tend to look at whether it happens now or several months or even years from now as pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  Sure, he’ll miss a few golf tournaments and football games on tv, but from this point forward it doesn’t really matter when the big day arrives.  The world will go on whether he is alive to watch The O’Reilly Factor or not (Yeah I know that’s kinda mean, but he’s at the bedridden diaper stage – the stage where most people promise themselves… Read more »




In the newest 180 book, Diet Recovery (which you can now order a printed copy of until I run out of them – click HERE for more information), I coin the cheesy name “MAXercise” to describe the basic concept (with a few tweaks) of what Phil Campbell, founder of the Peak 8 or “Sprint 8″ exercise system, discusses in the following interview with Joey “Mad Dog” Mercola.  The Lady Krill-a! This interview came out recently and I found it to be pretty good.  Plus it’s just hilarious for a nerd like me to watch Mercola butcher things like “Tabata” exercises, calling them “Tinata.”  I wonder if he’s also heard of the Mexican interval training known as Pinata?  And Mr. Campbell?  Well, his voice is just so damn money.  He even mentions the motherland in the video… Read more »

Sucrose vs. Starch and Fat


When originally developing RRARF, a diet and lifestyle program specifically for raising cellular metabolic activity and addressing other factors involved in health and body composition, it seemed abundantly clear that starch was a superior carbohydrate staple than fruit, juice, and sugar. You can read about the program in how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM. This provision seemed important, as I was suggesting eating beyond the instinctual appetite or point of satiety. Studies show, with no real ambiguity, that when you instruct human beings to eat as much food as they like on a diet that is high in starch and fiber and low in sugar and refined carbohydrates lacking fiber, that appetite decreases spontaneously and there is a loss of body fat. This was something I was, and still am, very… Read more »