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Lose Weight and Get Healthy!



Seen the phrases “lose weight” and “get healthy” paired together before?  Me too.  At least a “Jillian” times.  Our entire society has come to equate losing weight with an improvement in health.  Funny thing that weight loss stuff though.  Not everybody gets healthier when they lose weight.  In fact, by percentages, most people get more UNhealthy when they lose weight.  A more appropriate phrase pairing might be…. “Lose weight and Lose health!” So why does everyone think weight loss is such a great thing?  Why does just about every doctor in America think that if his/her patients lose weight, their health will dramatically improve?  The answer is really simple actually… Weight loss causes a lot of temporary improvements in the biomarkers for things like heart disease and diabetes.  Emphasis on… Read more »

Weight Fixation: "Waist" of Time


“The cruel irony is that although we become totally obsessed with the daily measures of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we are (refused dessert = good; didn’t have time to go to the gym = bad), there is no finish line.  This weight preoccupation will never lead us anywhere.  It is a maniacal maze that always spits you out at the same point it sucked you up:  wanting.  We keep chasing after perfection as if it is an achievable goal, when really it is the most grand and painful of all mirages.” “Spontaneity is crucial to health.  Listening to when your body is hungry, and for what, is a mindful act anathema to most young women.  In fact, the majority of those I interviewed for this book don’t even know how to… Read more »