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Should I Avoid GMO Foods?


Avoid GMO Foods

By Matt Stone I just got off the phone with my eBFF Joni Cox. We were discussing potential plans to release “180 Radio” with live-streaming interviews, Q and A where peeps call in, and a lot of other real cool things. Joni, the broadcastin’ broad (who mentioned on the call that she is flexible and can juggle… I think she’s in the wrong industry), would be the primary host and overseer of 180 Radio. But Joni is of course not a brainwashed disciple of mine. Like today’s Tom Sawyer, her mind is not for rent. She kept going on and on about how she wanted to make sure “my message” went out. Turned out what she was the most apprehensive about was the fact that she is a very vocal basher of… Read more »

Eat for Heat on Homegrown Health


bean pee

Tune in at 3pm eastern time to hear my interview with Joni Cox of Homegrown Health on Natural News Radio.  If you don’t tune in on time, you can find it in the Homegrown Health archives and listen to it later.  On the show we talk about some of the basic ideas in Eat for Heat, and discuss Joni’s 2-day elimination of migraines that had plagued her for 2 years – all by stopping her ridiculous habit of forcing down water beyond physiological thirst in an attempt to be healthy.  You know, that Water Cure crap by Dr. Batmandumphuck.  Enjoy.  And I apologize in advance for not rapping at the end, and beat-boxing per Joni’s request.  I’m a wuss.  It’s true.