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10 Inconveniences of a High Metabolism



By Matt Stone Having a high metabolism doesn’t come without consequences.  Here are some of the common inconveniences one may notice with a significant rise in metabolic rate… 1)      Menstruation Life was good with a low metabolism.  No time of the month.  But then you raise that metabolism and uh oh, not again.  Freakin’ progesterone production goes up, LH and FSH regulate properly, and the next thing you know you’re bleeding, and once again dealing with the embarrassment and expense of buying “feminine products” and having to ask your boyfriend every time you get out of the car if there are any spots showing through your pants.  Sucks. 2)      Sweat Life was good with a low metabolism.  You could go get in a workout and not even have to change… Read more »

Thyroid Rehab- The Diet And Lifestyle Approach



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Hey buckaroos- just wanted to give all a heads up that Matt’s got a guest article over at Outsmart Disease, a site hosted by Marina Gutner, PhD and geared toward those with thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Matt’s post is entitled ‘Thyroid Rehab- The Diet and Lifestyle Approach,’ and offers a nice summary of the role of stress hormones and inflammation in suppressing the metabolism and thyroid, and some general guidelines to suppressing that stress response and enhancing the metabolism. Go check it out!

Nutrition Minutiae Got Ya Down?



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Hey everyone- know how y’all think Matt is crazy for suggesting that fast food can be the ticket to health for some people?  That in the right context, junk food really can be therapeutic? Here‘s an elaboration on some of that, and why many people can’t see the forest for the trees. Kendahl at  Our Nourishing Roots is featuring Matt in a guest post entitled ‘Nutrition Minutia Got Ya Down?’ Go check it out and see if Matt really has lost his marbles, or if he’s still playing with a full deck. Also, on or around Tuesday of next week, Matt will share the conclusions of the McXsperiment and some great video footage. And early next week I’ll have some thoughts to share about… Read more »

Fat Is Officially Incurable Response



By Rob Archangel, staff writer Hey crew, Rob here with my first post at 180 Degree Health. A couple times in the last few days, I’ve had the chance to articulate my thoughts around obesity. One of them was the highly trafficked article Fat is Officially Incurable (According To Science). Vigorous debate rages there and on the 180D Facebook page, and I’ve participated some. I thought I might try to consolidate some thoughts here, in question and answer format. What is obesity and is it dangerous? Technically, it’s having a BMI (body mass index) over 30. It’s not necessarily bad for you. In some cases, it’s protective as we age. On an individual level, health and obesity are not the same. You can be fat and fit, or… Read more »

Gaining Muscle Mass



I wrote about this topic a little over a year ago, as I was eager to share the results I got while doing Scott Abel’s Metabolic Enhancement Training (MET) while basically eating as many carbs as a I could.  It worked.  It was also totally and completely grueling and left me with some serious aches and feeling pretty burned out.  I knew from the beginning that MET was unrealistic for the vast majority of people.  It is complex, complicated, grueling, and, when performed as Scott Abel directs (75+ minutes 5 days/week), overwhelming and impractical. Lately we have been discussing pancakes, pizza, ice cream, chips, and other highly palatable foods for raising metabolism.  And I have had dozens of people report very high temps (over 99F), often achieved from the 96′s, in as little as… Read more »