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Body Temperature and Mortality



By Matt Stone Two days ago, a long-term member of the 180 community alerted me of a study that sought to determine how body temperature impacted the mortality rate of patients checking into the intensive care unit for treatment. Now I normally don’t like to put much focus on studies.  Anyone can go out and find studies that support whatever point it is that they are trying to prove.  And I think those tactics are cheap and falsely reassuring.  I have written about this at great length.  Having said that, this study is pretty interesting. I have often quoted a passage by Henry Bieler that describes in great and specific detail what I consider to be a person with optimal health.  And in that passage Bieler writes… It is possible for him to stand more… Read more »

Silly Wabbit, Atkins is NOT for Kids!


I received this email just the other day.  It is a beauty.  There were so many options for what could be used as the title.  I’m actually a little sad at the chosen title, as RRARV would have been a beauty (Rehabilitative Rest and Aggressive Re-Vegasing).  The email was sent by a long-time chronic health masturdebater.  Misadventures include, and are certainly not limited to, a long bout on the Atkins diet, with her kids sort of getting short-changed on carbs during that phase and losing their spunk and having their body temperatures drop (wait for it….), just like ADULTS do! Anyway, with the incorporation of Easter candy bingeing, Whiskey-spiked milkshakes, and the infamous (gasp!) Frosty – the whole fam damily is banging 98.6 and above and leaving their carborexic lethargy behind.  A little lively commentary by me… Read more »

Sloth Metabolism


“Their metabolism is so slow that they may take a half a minute to move a leg a few inches. Their digestive system is so slow that they need only defecate about once a week. They even sneeze slowly.” Some people still don’t get it. When I say “it” I mean the centrality of a high cellular metabolic rate in disease prevention, body composition, and overcoming many common health problems big and small as discussed in how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM. Big names in “alternative nutrition” like Mark Sisson and Joel Fuhrman, who make relatively sound general dietary prescriptions (eat nutritious foods at the exclusion of most junk), have both negated the importance of metabolism – and even believe it’s good to have a low metabolism. Everyone else shrugs… Read more »

Free eBook


The free eBook I’ve been promising for a couple months is finally available.  It’s a great introduction to my conclusions thus far and the latest and most precise direction on how to raise your metabolism/increase body temperature to date.  Most of you received e-mail notification already, although my e-mail service does have a high failure rate – so many who have subscribed to the mailing list at may have not received it.  If that’s the case – send me an e-mail at and I’ll send a link to the file right back. For those who haven’t subscribed at please take a moment to do so and you will receive the link immediately.  Now everybody go read it and we’ll get a little Q and A going in the comments section here. Look… Read more »