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Adrenal Fatigue: Getting Back to Basics


Adrenal Fatigue Sugar

By Julia Gumm Adrenal Fatigue is one of those shadowy - is it real or isn’t it, kind of dis-eases that sort of hangs around the periphery of medicine. Sure, it’s often an accessory to the crimes of high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and allergies- but for some reason, doctors are loathe to pin the patsy on these inconspicuous perps. Nope, they’re off the hook. Sweet deal the adrenals have, unless they’re all in on the crime, they get away scot free. Blame the pancreas, blame the heart, blame the immune system! Don’t blame us! Nothin’ to see here but us chickens! Or uh, glands! So that’s how come you can show up at your doctor’s office with a laundry list of symptoms- weak ankles and knees, muscle aches,… Read more »

Your Body is Mostly Water? Not Exactly



“Your blood is like a soup that needs to be seasoned just right. [Eat for Heat] helps to teach you what to watch for so you don’t screw up your “soup” by drinking too many fluids (which waters it down) or not seasoning it enough (with things like carbohydrates and salt).” ~Dr. Garrett Smith; Review of Eat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink We often hear that our bodies are “mostly water.”  The rough approximation is that an average person with a relatively average amount of body fat will be composed of about 60% water.  Over the course of the lifespan, the percentage of body water gradually decreases.  This is often used as justification of drinking lots and lots of pure water as if doing so will… Read more »

Eat for Heat



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Death by Health – The Luke McGuire Incident



Over Thanksgiving I was asked “What do you do for a living?” After poorly trying to explain exactly what it is that I do, how my information differs from others, and so on – I managed to come up with a pretty decent summary. I told the guy, “I specialize in helping people who became extremely unhealthy trying to be really healthy get healthy again.” I felt good about this summary because it’s the tragedy of trying so hard to be healthy and failing so miserably that I find to be most moving. In my 20’s I was extremely inspired to live a life free of disease, conquer some of my own ailments, and have a level of health that I thought was only accessible to our primitive ancestors. And… Read more »

Seizures in Infants and Children


little baby drinking water from the tap during bathing

While I’m not the almighty authority on such a topic, nor is it my bread n’ butter specialty, I feel compelled to share some basic insights on seizures in infants and children.  Plus man, November is Epilepsy Awareness month. I got your awareness right here! This will not be an exhaustive and comprehensive look into this problem.  Rather, the intent of this post is to help parents of children with seizure problems eliminate one simple and frequent cause – what I believe to probably be the most prevalent and easy-to-correct of all causes… low sodium levels.  This article will also highlight some important features of human physiology that can be useful in general health and well-being, and hopefully keep parents from doing dumb shit, like restrict sodium in their child’s diet (or their own diet, especially while… Read more »

Sodium – How to Tame Your Low-Salt Habit



By Matt Stone The Mayo Clinic put out an article entitled “Sodium – How to Tame Your Salt Habit.”  I figured the “180 Degree Mayo Clinic” needed an article about the many powerful benefits of sodium, when you might need more salt, how much you might need, and some foolproof ways to get lots without taking in too much lifeless, depleting water with it. Before we begin, I must point out that it is the nature of those who spend way too much time perusing health articles on the internet to take things to extremes.  If you eat enough salt, and take in too little fluids to balance it out, you will die.  Likewise, if you take in enough water, without enough salt to accompany it, you will die.  Life… Read more »

Restless Leg Syndrome Breakthrough



Restless leg syndrome affects millions of people, and seems like a silly and strange diagnosis – almost like a make-believe or phony disorder just to sell more pills or something.  If you peruse the internet you will quickly find that the disorder isn’t understood at all.  The cause is generally unknown, and any theories about what causes it or will make it go away are fine examples of wild speculation. I am very excited to report what I think is truly a breakthrough in understanding of the disorder.  Even though it may sound well outside the realm of how the scientific community might explain or describe something, and relies on a great deal that is known to me, but not necessarily the modern scientific community, it represents a breakthrough nonetheless…. Read more »