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Men… Don’t Let Your Woman Eat Salad!


no salad

I write for an online magazine called Raw Attraction Magazine.  I submitted a modified version of this late last night and figured it was worthy of being published on the site – at least until it’s published in the mag at which point I’ll probably have to take it down. In other news my two most popular books – Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2, will be available, along with 28 other books by some fellow health nerds, for just $39 in this special promotion going on from April 17-23 (a $479 value).  Click HERE to check it out.  It looks great.  There are several books in there by long-time 180 followers, such as Elizabeth Walling, Emily Benfit, and Kendahl Millecam.  Nice looking books girls! 5 Reasons to Take Away… Read more »

Postpartum Hormonal Changes



I decided to take on this topic today for several reasons.  One reason is that I am currently working with many women who are in the postpartum period, and I’m sure there are many more out there that will read this post – both now and in the future.  Another reason is that changes in hormones are often brushed aside like some kind of “excuse” in the minds of your typical average Joe.  But the postpartum period is a powerful reminder that the hormones are in charge of us, not the other way around.  We need more than a good “pep talk” to overcome the power of hormonal influences upon our bodies and brains.  Lastly, one postpartum mom I have been speaking with has lost 35 pounds in 12 weeks… Read more »